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Hope Faith Joy:

Daughter of: Alexander Thomas Joy, Amanda Joyce McStevens

Siblings (oldest to youngest): Catherine Selena Joy (Hope’s big sister), Dalton Douglas Joy (Hope’s younger brother)

Description: Hope Faith Joy may sound like a girly girl, but she’s a goth. She has the power of the black demon. She dresses up in black mostly. She’s a regular 14 year old. And tries to survive through trials or battles to the death. She battles against the baddies with 5 other girls about her age. She loves black and red.

This Is Her.


She’s a demon now. She has dark powers, but uses them for good.



Her name is Natasha.

Siblings: none

Script: she flies, sparkles, dances, parties, and other things. She’s a fairy but her wings look like butterfly wings. Her favorite colors are purple, pink, and blue. She loves to doodle and have fun. She sometimes turns into a human, when she feels like it.

Lillith Eternal Marshall

Daughter of: Gregory Marshall,  Amelie Brownlynn


Description: She is a metamorphis, but her favorite form is human with cat ears and wings. She loves to doodle. Her favorite colors are all the colors in the world, but she like s black the most.

Dollmaker avatar

Aria Sablan

Daughter of : Henry Sablan and Alyssa Sablan

Siblings : None

Description : Aria is a fairy . She has the power of love , beauty , water , and fire . She’s usually human every day . Her hobbies are flying , reading , helping other fairies , and practicing her powers . Aria is one of those fairies who helps one another . Her favorite color is blue and white .

Aria Sablan :D

Update: Aria has a new look!!

So I decided to change Aria’s look into something better . So here it is :

Aria Sablan

Daughter of : Henry Sablan and Alyssa Sablan

Siblings : None

Description : Aria is a fairy . She is 14 years old . She has the power of love , beauty , water , and fire . She’s usually human every day . Her hobbies are flying , reading , helping other fairies , and practicing her powers . Aria is one of those fairies who helps one another . Her favorite color is blue and white . She goes to school at the High School Fairy Academy . :D


Jenni Miller

Daugter of: Joseph Miller and Kellsie Miller

Siblings: Nicole Miller (younger sister) and Mark Miller (younger brother)

Description: Jenni is the older sister of Nicole and Mark as well as the family witch and a metamorphis. Her favorite form is a human with a fox tail and fox ears. She loves her family to death and will do anything for them. On April fools day she will cast a temperary spell on everyone. It only lasts about an hour. But her siblings look up to her while her parents are constantly proud of her. she only uses her powers at home and witch camp over the summer and hides it at school.

Jenni Miller

Claire Rose Jennings


Name: Claire Rose Jennings

Daughter of: Unknown

Siblings: None

Description: (NOTE: This is more like her backround so…yeah :P . Since she comes later in the story I thought I’d do it this way :P . But you should probably read this because it’s important. :P ) Her mom was an elf and her dad was a normal person, so people pretty much hated them, so they burned her house down. (She was rescued, though.) So then she had to go to and orphange, but she didn’t stay long (about 2 months :P ) before someone who didn’t care who she was adopted her. A couple years later, she had to start school but people thought she was weird becuse she was part elf. But elves grow tails when they turn a certain age, so then people thought she was even weirder :| . And the person who adopted her was annoyed by her tail (becuase it kept getting stuck in things) so she brought her back to the orphanage. And that’s as far as it goes for now… BTW SHE HAS FIRE POWER :P.


Name: Imbera Pluvia

Daughter of: Calestis Pluvia and Nimbus Pluvia

Siblings: None

Description: She was born into a mermaid family, but for some reason, when she got out of water, she had legs! Her family decided that she couldn’t stay with them for long, so when she was 10, they had to leave her on a beach. They gave her two bracelets before she left so she would never forget who she was. A couple found her and took her. She wants to keep distance with people, so she is mean. Her hair was completely brown when she was born but her bangs started to change color slowly, and when she turned 15, they were fully green. Her birthday is February 3rd. She controls water and snow.

Julie Marie Carter

Daughter Of : Ally Carter , and David Carter.

Sibling: Olivia Jess Carter


Julie is known to be friends with everyone. Might have her ups and downs with people, but that’s still okay for everyone. Anyways, Julie use to be just a simple girl.. Who knows what happened, but she just turned like different… One night she was glowing. Next thing you know she has the power of Water and Invisibility. Her favorite color is blue. Blue Maniac! She was almost had her powers taken away because she was messing around with her powers in school.. Bye 🙂

Vanessa Courtney Cruciez

Name: Vanessa Courtney Cruciez

Nickname: Nessa

Daughter of: Mother unknown, but her father is Mark Cruciez

Siblings: One dead sibling (Eleanor Cruciez), but she came back as a ghost.

Description/Personality/Backstory: Her mother is a witch, and that’s all she knows about her, and that’s where she got her wind powers. Her father is an angel, hence the wings. She goes to a public school, and is always bullied there because of her differences. She has an eyepatch because in the explosion that she lost her mom (not dead lost, she just dissapeared), she lost her eye, and her family couldn’t afford to get a glass eye or a fake eye. The explosion is what killed her sister. She can hide her wings, and she does that at school, so nobody can see. She only uses her powers when they are extremely necessary, or when nobody is watching. Her father cares about her, and she cares about him, very much, because all the family they have left is each other.

  1. haha . . who made this page ?

  2. LP, make a page for Aria that has this page as a parent

  3. Want me to do the same?

  4. Okay, so we make videos of them or write?

  5. Am I the only one with siblings on here? 😛

  6. No I do to. I`m Jenni. And Aria does also. the threesome with siblings 😛

  7. @SF : so do i make a page and this will be the parent ? is the page about aria’s story ?

  8. three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan

    I’ll write :P. I’m jUst gonna fo her (Claire’s :P) past :P.

  9. Ok so this is for Cynthia. I have bad news 😦 , good news 🙂 , and SUPERgood news!! 😀
    Bad news 😦
    She has too much pink. Sorry 😦
    Good news 🙂 yay!!!
    She`s cute with it, so its fine!
    SUPERgood news!!! 😀

    • three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan


    • three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan

      And yes, she does look cute 😛

      • yes she does and YOUVE ONLY HAD COTTON CANDY TWICE?!?! OMG!!! :O YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON SO MUCH!!! What flavors have you had? pink, blue, purple, Ect.

      • three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan

        I’ve had blue first time, and pink second :P. But I only got it when I went to the Exibition*. (Did I spell that right?)

        *I`m not sure if you have an Ex where you live, but it`s like a fair with different farm stuff :P. And 4-H stuff :P.

  10. Katniss AKA May Li AKA Nice Ghost

    Oh ya i do. and you were sooo close to spelling it right!! it`s Exihibition.

  11. What website do you use to make these?

  12. chilly dragon on her kindle fire

    What website did you make those pictures on?

  13. chilly dragon on her kindle fire

    Oops already answered question sorry.

  14. Three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan
  15. gσℓ∂єη ƒιяє αкα тαуℓσя кιηg αкα мαяιηα

    Hey, could I join this roleplay now that I work on this blog?

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