Your Stuff

Hi! Do you have outfits to share? Do you want to write stories? You can comment outfits and stories here. Every fifty visitors I will pick a featured story that I will post a few episodes of it.Every month I will pick a featured outfit that I will post. Comment your stuff.

  1. Aww this page is sad. Im the only commenter.

    • Nice Ghost AKA May Li

      Well, that`s becouse not many people go on here and all the authors and editors hace thier own story page . but this is for if you want to make stories but arn`t part of the blog team.

  2. Apollo
    First costumise the guy in red in Mythology island. Use the angel halo and harp. Make yourself big. Put on Robin Hood quiver.
    Optional : take off halo, add mohawk. Or take off harp and put on bow (robin hood)

  3. I`ll post a story here later.

  4. I have a story……….
    Once there was this poptropican named popular runner. This poptropican was pretty amazing. One day while popular runner was doing her usual morning run through Early poptropica she decided that she needed a break when she got to Poptropica towers so she got her jet pack out and went for a fly. She flew up onto the green building and went to the middle ledge which was 3rd up from the door where a pot plant was. She put her hand over the left top corner of the window. Then she grabbed something from that spot, it was…………… a hypnotic members outfit and it was now hers!

    My poptropican’s name IS popular runner and you can get that outfit by clicking that spot.
    It is a true story! I hope you like it! lol!

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