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Rose ran up the stairs to her sister Paige’s room. She had a message to give to her sister. Paige opened her door and took the envelope gingerly; then she shut the door. Sitting on her bed she opened the letter. It had the royal gold wax seal, whereas her family, although it was noble, had a red seal. Paige looked at the content; she felt a horrible pain in her heart. Her beloved prince was going to marry fancy Delilah Francesca de Maralezelle. She pushed open her french door to the roof; and she broke into a heart wrenching song.

I wonder why I wished on a star
When my love was oh-so far.
Why would he love me,
Even if I so love thee?
I fear it is time to flee,
Oh but what about the horrible sights I see?
I hope he is safe for me

Paige grabbed a silver knife from a bench and sang one more line of the song. “This is to save thee.” She thrust it into her heart as Rose ran to her from behind a fig tree, screaming. As Paige started to slip away from the world Rose grasped her slim wrist. Then Rose traveled into her memories.

Rose saw what her sister saw and thought. Delilah, holding a knife and looking greedily at the prince; Paige’s plan to kill herself so maybe, the prince would feel sorrow for breaking his lover’s heart and her will to live, and he would cancel the wedding which was a trap. She also saw many other memories and thoughts, many she would not confide.

~The End~
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[Insert Title About Artemis Fowl Here]

Remember that post I made called The Atlantis Complex? I got that book from the library! 😀

Meh I’ve been meaning to put this quote (from The Eternity Code) on here:

Artemis was strangly calm. “You don’t understand, Jon. It’s like I told you. I was never here.” He paused for a breath. “And one more thing. About my name — Artemis — you were right. In London, it is generally a female name, after the Greek goddess of archery. But every now and then a male comes along with such a talent for hunting that he earns the right to use the name. I am that male. Artemis the hunter. I hunted you.”

And just like that, he disapeared.

The Den- Chapter 1

(I might not continue this)

 Lost. That’s what Megara was. Lost. It seemed like it was days ago when the house burned down and  Madison and her narrowly escaped the burning house with two urgently thrown-together sacks. Now they were stranded, and huddled in a crate in an alley. Megara looked at Madison “Sis? What are we going to do now? What do we have?” Madi glanced at her weary and bedraggled sister. “Well, look in the bags, they were pretty full even before we put stuff in them.” Meg grabbed the bags then walked to the inn, she snuck inside then ran to the woman’s parlor, the hid in a carpeted changing stall. She dumped all the contents out then began sorting them. Among them were a few pencils and a notebook. Megara began sorting and writing down the items. 4 dresses, several pants and a few shirts. three light quilts, two cloaks, one jacket, a map, a few fiction books and non-fiction books, one huge plush blanket, a first aid kit, rag dolls and stuffed animals including Muffin and Cake and Cream her puppy plushes, her mothers old locket, a huge photo album, a shadow box with antique stuff made by her mother, her mother’s silver locket, the hand-me-down pearl necklace, her parent’s wedding rings, an old tie which was a gift to her father, a colored pencil set, a water color painting of the family in the park, and the wallet with all the money they had. Meg sighed at the sight of the things she saw.

 It was Madi’s turn to sigh. Her sister had fell on the way back and now had a scraped knee. The first-aid kit helped, but they needed some herb to help it, and they needed to buy food. They packed up then stumbled to the town. The apothecary was open, they figured it would be safe to go in beause she probably went out of town and didn’t hear about the burnt house, and that the Anderson girls, AKA Megara and Madison, were missing and needed to go to the orphanage. When they opened the door a hooded girl was seated on a chair “Come with me girls, come”

Yay Cliffe!

The Atlantis Complex


So apparently the 7th book of the Artemis Fowl series is called The Atlantis Complex.

I guess a lot of things would be continued from The Time Paradox…

Like these things:

There are two Opal Koboi’s running around. (Metaphorically. The one from Almost-Eight-Years-Ago is only doing that. The present one is in prison… Hopefully (xD).) And the one from AEYA will do anything to get Jayjay (last silky sifaka lemur from Madagascar) so she can return to her own time and take over the world.

And the seventh kraken has been discovered (by the LEP that is, Artemis found it first) and that’s just one more thing to keep an eye on.

And they have to somehow find the Opal from AEYA and make sure the other one doesn’t escape, or the AEYA one doesn’t break here out.

And of course, being arch-enemies, Artemis is probably gonna find her (Opal).

(Atlantis Complex? In ATLANTIS? :D)

This should be interesting xD.

UPDATE: Cover:


Artemis has committed his entire fortune to a project he believes will save the
planet and its inhabitants, both human and fairy. Can it be true? Has goodness
taken hold of the world s greatest teenage criminal mastermind? Captain Holly
Short is unconvinced, and discovers that Artemis is suffering from Atlantis
Complex, a psychosis common among guilt-ridden fairies – not humans – and most
likely triggered by Artemis s dabbling with fairy magic. Symptoms include
obsessive-compulsive behavior, paranoia, multiple personality disorder and, in
extreme cases, embarrassing professions of love to a certain feisty LEPrecon
fairy. Unfortunately, Atlantis Complex has struck at the worst possible time. A
deadly foe from Holly s past is intent on destroying the actual city of
Atlantis. Can Artemis escape the confines of his mind and the grips of a giant
squid in time to save the underwater metropolis and its fairy inhabitants?

Short Story Ideas…?

I had an idea! 😀 What if we came up with a scenario for a story but we all wrote a short story about our perspectives on what happened? :3

My mind is a little blank at the moment (xD) so if you have ideas, out them in the comments. :3


random horror story

“blaaaaaaah” i go. I hear a noise. i dont know what it is. O_____O.  I think its a ghost. oh well. i went home. WEEEELLLLL. i went to mirror to fix up. WEELLLL. I see a ghostly figure. it looked like this:

i went like …. GET OUT! the ghost went like IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!! then i went ….shut up.


My Girl… For Some Thing E mail your lunaii to sbcpop@

colle that was the hint for what it is! Here it is

20120507-170414.jpg sorry for not just posting it… I was on a IPad when I made it. Yeah…. Ummm. Fine, it is college and… Yeah. Make your student on or just describe here. Oh… here are the pictures of the halls. Thank you udub for inspiration and hall pictures and subjects list!

20120507-170845.jpg the boys and girls are different floors: girls are even and boys are odd floors, but the floors look the same. Up to 2 roomies per room ex: you and other person. One character for now.Oh, theses are the bed options:

20120507-171136.jpg(desk under) or

20120507-171208.jpg um… Say a subject you want to do and some other ones. Bye