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Soooo this post is a series of random stuff…

  • pie
  • almost every song by Marianas Trench is always stuck in my head o.o
  • pie
  • Silver Wolf is on this site now!… ๐Ÿ˜› (delayed reaction)
  • pie
  • a couple weeks ago I dyed my bangs purple and some of my friends freaked out ๐Ÿ˜›
  • pie
  • apparently there’s this gaming convention in Boston called PAX but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to go, even if I’d asked, because it’s in Boston (BOSTON ._.)
  • pie
  • pie
  • while you’re waiting for something to happen watch this:ย
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  • pie
  • pie
  • pie
  • pie
  • pie
  • pie
  • PIE
  • pie
  • pie
  • pie


Why have I been the only one posting lately? ๐Ÿ˜›

So Valentine’s Day Happened…

…Except nothing really happened on it.


Nothing awesome…

Sooo comment something about Valentine’s Day ๐Ÿ˜› X3

Son of Sobek

Rick Riordan is publishing a Kane Chronicles/Percy Jackson story called the Son of Sobek. My fangirl instincts are going crazy.

8O :O :D 8D


Yes. That is a movie.


*ahem* Sorry about that… ๐Ÿ˜€

(Well, it only took them about 3 years xD)

So happy :mrgreen:



Harry Potter Memes… :D

Well, there are quite a few people around here (including me :P) who are Harry Potter fans so…

…I found memes :D.

(Link if picture doesn’t show up:









That’s all the ones I felt like putting here… ๐Ÿ˜›


Merry Christmas

Hi guys! It’s Christmas where I am! On Christmas Eve I watched Lord of the Rings until 11:50. So I stayed up until it was Christmas. XD I used an app to tell my friend because she doesn’t use notifications. At 12:03. I gave my dad a plant and a flower memo holder. I gave my mom a lily perfume candle set, some cute memo paper and homemade lip balm, I’ll post the directions here.

You will need a blowdryer, vaseline(the normal kind), lipgloss(you pick), a toothpick, a small plastic spoon, a paper napkin or tissue, a small jar. The jar should look like this:

Step 1: Use the small plastic spoon to scoop some vaseline into the jar, be careful not to spill.
Step 2: Put a small amount or lipgloss (not as much as the vaseline) into the jar.*
Step 3: Mix it so that the vaseline has color, then put a paper napkin or tissue under.
Step 4: Put the blowdryer on low, and mix. Turn off the blowdryer every now and then.
Step 5: When the mixture becomes watery put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
Now you have lip balm! This came out in my science magazine for kids.

*If you lipgloss looks like this:

20121225-115518.jpg Then I would used the stick that it comes with it, and use the stick to put the lipgloss on to the vaseline. Or, if you don’t want it to mix, I’d use it to put it on a clean toothpick and then I’d wipe the toothpick in the vaseline.

If your lipgloss looks like this:

20121225-120042.jpg Then I would scrape off a bit with a toothpick and wipe it off in the vaseline.

If your lipgloss is in a bottle that you can squeeze just squeeze some into the mixture.

Here’s a picture of mine:


So Christmas Countdown…

Last year I did this thing called the Christmas Countdown on The PCB (my blog, the the Creators’ Blog :P) and Poptropica Stuff. I was think about doing another part on here this year.

So what do you think…?

Awesome Stuffs :P :3

1. So the other day Carol of the Bells (which is pretty much the best Christmas song ever :P) was stuck in my head so I searched it on YouTube.



2. Meh I forgot what mainly happened in the Harry Potter series. (I stopped in the middle of the fifth book because was obsessed with them xD.) So…

I got the first movie again!!!! :3

That’s all xD.


UPDATE: Last night I watched that movie and it was so funny because you’re used to seeing them older but now they’re younger andย it’s so funny…! xD

I made a Rage Comic

I made it based on a personal experience.

20120916-123717.jpg gonna post Chapter 2 of the Den soon