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Bye… And A New Post

You want these balloons. You NEED these balloons.

We have good news and bad news. The good news: we’ve surpassed 500,000 page views on our LEGO CUUSOO project page. The bad news: we still haven’t reached the halfway mark of 5,000 supporters.So, no more Dr. Nice Bunny. It’s time to bring out the jumbo-sized carrots. Last week I told you about a special prize we’d be handing out when and if we reach 5,000 supporters

But you played hardball. And you know what? One special prize isn’t enough. That’s why, once we reach 5,000 supporters, we’ll be giving out TWO special prizes.

That’s right, we’ll give away the Dr. Hare Deluxe Ballon AND the Insignia Deluxe Balloon just as soon as the 5,000th person signs on to support Dr. Hare’s Lair at LEGO CUUSOO!Can you be the one to help us reach this goal? Don’t do it for me, or for the thousands of other Poptropicans who would love a couple of free balloons. Do it for yourself. You deserve something nice.

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C’mon! Vote now and we will get two FREE balloons!!! If you’re under 13, just get your parents’ permission to vote! I want those balloons!!! :mrgreen:
Bye… I’m working on LOTS of blogs right now, and I need a break. I’m sorry that I’m leaving so soon!!! 😥 I’ll still comment and look at this blog. Bye… 😦

The Smell of Victory

The smell of victory

We just can’t seem to run out of new things to tell you about in Night Watch Island. This Island has so many unique costumes and items for your Poptropican to pick up that you’d never be able to get every combination.Here’s one we haven’t mentioned yet: the perfume stand! At this kiosk, you can mix up your very own scent, and trail it all around the mall. No, it doesn’t have to smell good. It’s your choice.Night Watch Island is available now to everyone, so if you haven’t yet explored all that the mall has to offer, what are you waiting for?

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Well, check out the perfume stand on Night Watch Island! I personally made a very nice perfume, but it didn’t last long. :( Oh well.

Silent Treatment For 3 Days!

Back Lot Island “Silent Treament” now available!

The latest and greatest Members-only Back Lot Island power is now available in the Poptropica Store. With  “The Silent Treatment,” you can turn your Poptropica playthrough into a black-and-white movie, complete with film grain! It’s a look like none other in Poptropica’s history.Prepare to celebrate the movies even more with Back Lot Island, coming soon to Poptropica!

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You’re probably wondering why I said 3 days. Well, I’ll be gone for 3 days, sorry guys. I’ll be back soon; don’t you worry! Well, it looks really cool….. I have to test this right now! Bai! 🙂

Take Seven!

Back Lot Island “Clapboard” now available!

Another new item has just arrived in the Poptropica Store to herald the coming of Back Lot Island. Now, Poptropica Members can get the Clapboard item. Equip the Clapboard, and press the spacebar to call the next take.Cut. Print it! You’re a natural.

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Okay, you’re probably wondering why I said, “Take Seven!” I said it because it’s my 7th post on this blog! :mrgreen: Anyway, become a member today to get the Clapboard! (I’m starting to start like the Creators)!!! 😮 You get to say, “Take 1! Take 2! Take 3!” Cool, right? Well, I look like a full-blown director now! 😀

Outfits Of The Finishers!

Night Watch Island public launch top 10!

Since the Night Watch Island public launch last Thursday, thousands of you have received gold medallions! Congratulations to these 10 Poptropicans who finished the quickest once Night Watch Island was open to everyone.
Want to be one of the first Poptropicans to play Back Lot Island? Don’t wait! Become a Member now for Early Access!
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Awesome!!! They actually announced the Poptropicans that got the medal first after it was released to everyone. Congrats!!! :mrgreen:

Back Lot Island “Director Costume” now available!

Poptropica Members, a new costume has premiered in the Poptropica Store just for you! Now, you can get your hands on the Director costume, which comes with a beret, pinstriped outfit, and a bullhorn that lets you call the shots. Just visit Poptropica and log in with an active Membership to claim your Director costume.
And keep an eye out for Back Lot Island, coming soon to Poptropica.

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Yay!!! Time to look like a director! For the non-members, I’m sorry but you can still play the island after it comes out and you might be featured on the Creators’ Blog like the Top 10 finishers for Night Watch Island were featured (look at the post above)! For members, time to get your costume and try to get featured on the Top 10 finishers list! 😉

Announcing Back Lot Island!


We’re excited to announce the next Poptropica Island. The cameras are about to roll on…

Back Lot Island!The greatest filmmaker of all time has come out of hiding, and he needs your help to make his masterpiece. But will you be producing the next big blockbuster, or is there trouble in tinseltown? From the first frame to the final cut, it’s lights, camera, action!For more information, visit our Back Lot Island info page. And keep checking right here for the latest news about Back Lot Island!

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I don’t have much to say since we already knew this before they released it. 😉

Back Lot Island Is Announced And Night Watch Is Open For Everybody!

Night Watch Island is now available to everyone!

Night Watch Island is now available to all! Get ready to investigate the strange goings-on that are happening after hours at the mall. Can you keep the stores safe from a crafty cat burglar?Visit Poptropica now to play Night Watch Island!

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Yay!!! Non-members, get ready for a mysterious, fun mystery! Time to solve a huge robbery as a mall cop!
Back Lot Island
Now, what about Back Lot being announced? It wasn’t announced on the Creators’ Blog, so where? On the Home page of Poptropica there should be a button that looks like this:
Black Lot IslandMake sure to click it!
It says this:

The greatest filmmaker of all time has come out of hiding, and he needs your help to make his masterpiece. But will you be producing the next big blockbuster, or is there trouble in tinseltown? From the first frame to the final cut, it’s lights, camera, action!

Back Lot Island Bonus Quest imageIsland Bonus Quest

The back lot’s owners have returned — and they want you off their property! Can you outrun studio security and get away with a valuable souvenir? Find out how to get Membership now!

Back Lot Island Members Only Items and Cards

Members Only Items
Members get an additional Back Lot Island gear pack, which includes Film Director costume, Silent Treatment power, and Clapperboard item. The Film Director costume is ONLY available during Early Access!

Desktop Wallpaper:

Poster - Black Lot

Poster 2 - Black Lot
It sounds awesome, right?!?!

5 Newest Creators’ Posts:

These are from oldest to newest:

Cover me!

If you’ve ever wanted to be featured on the cover of a magazine, we have a treat in store for you on Night Watch Island: your face on one of several magazines! The picture above is just one example. Whatever your fancy, you can put your avatar on the magazine cover of your choosing.Night Watch Island is available now for Poptropica Members!

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Yet another post based on getting Membership to get special things… They really want more people to become members, huh? *Sigh* That’s how it is. Any who, yes, it’s true that you can get your face on several magazines! It’s really cool. So far, I’ve tried the animal magazine and was surprised my Poptropican was on the cover! Well, that’s the Membership persuasion for today! 😆

One week left to get your Cat Burglar costume!

Night Watch Island becomes available to everybody one week from today. But that also means that you’ve only got one week left to claim your Members-only Cat Burglar costume! Once Night Watch Island opens to the public, this one-of-a-kind costume is gone for good.

How can you get your paws on this outfit? Become a Poptropica Member today, and then visit the Poptropica Store to get it. You’ll get to keep the costume forever, even after your Membership expires!

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One week left!!! Don’t miss your chance to wear the cat burglar costume and go around the mall stealing stuff if you’re a member. 😉 Make sure to get it! It’s really cool. 🙂

Sneaky. Very sneaky.

“What’s the next Island going to be?” That’s the question we hear over and over when we talk to our fans. Well, if you want a hint as to what we’re working on next, the best thing to do is visit Sneak Peeks in the Daily Pop!In Sneak Peeks, we post concept art and other work in development for unannounced Islands. If you’d been checking Sneak Peeks through January and February and seen images like the one posted above, you probably would have surmised that we were working on a movie-themed Island… long before we announced Back Lot Island!Sneak Peeks is updated five days a week. All you need to do to check it out is to visit Poptropica and click on the “Daily Pop” icon to see the latest. We’re usually working on more than one Island at a time. Can you guess what we might be working on next?

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A movie-themed island!!!! I knew it! Wait, no…I didn’t. :( Well, this pic is one of the ones we have focused on… So, whoever thought of a movie-themed, congrats!!!! So, yeah, check the “Sneak Peek” icon frequently! ;) Also, what do you think the next island is going to be?

Picture Yourself On Poptropica

When you travel somewhere, the best way to remember your trip is by taking photos. The same is true when you journey into Poptropica.

Ever since we launched the Photo Album feature last year as part of Poptropica Friends, we’ve been adding four new photos to every Island. At this point, there are 133 unique photos that you can collect, simply by playing through each Island!

But Poptropica photos are even better than the ones you take on vacation, because you can actually costumize off of what you were wearing in each one. The same is true when you look through your friends’ photo albums!

If you haven’t opened your photo album for awhile, take look — you might be surprised at what you find.

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Thanks, Black Widow!!!!!! Want to know why I’m thanking her? Look at the next post to find out!

The Croods are on Poptropica!

An adventure of pre-historic proportions is landing on Poptropica!

If you visit Shark Tooth Island, you will have the opportunity to enter the world of The Croods, in theaters March 22. In this experience, you can explore some spectacular new locations…

…meet new friends…

…and try out new costumes and powers!

The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world’s first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. In search of a new home, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures — and their outlook is changed forever.In Theaters MARCH 22. Visit Movie Site

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Yay! Ned Noodlehead is back!!! :D  Make sure to check this ad out, I tried it and it had three costumes! It also had 6 powers. The powers are really fun. I even saved the powers to my closet! ;)  Make sure to check the ad out! ~ SW, the Crood

Back Lot Island Is Now Out! Kind Of…

Well, in one of the newest posts, BW said something about Black Lot Island. The movie-themed-new-island, Back Lot! You can find this here. Also, to top it all off, someone deleted the post because of the HUGE mistake! They replaced it with the post about photos… You can find here. Also, if you go to, it redirects you to Poptropica!!! Thanks, BW! (Even though you probably didn’t mean to!)