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I’m thinking of…

I thinking for May-Li’s party that I could give away some accounts with rare stuff, ad stuff and credits. So what do you think on this idea? I know where I can get some of the Creators’ usernames so you can be friends with them when the Friend Thingie comes out. I’m going to need peoples input and your names,so I can make real life tickets and raffle the accounts off or some other way.  So there will be a poll for your input and your name that’ll be put on your ticket. ♣ So that’s what I’m going to be doing if you say yesThis is also the reason why I’m doing several different colors.



QS and I are trying to come up with a name for our roleplay group! Here’s a poll:

Please vote!

QS: and the winner is……*drum roll* THE SAPPHIRE CHAMPIONS!!!! congrats! oh well bye!

Stay Or Leave?

[Sorry I haven’t been on here much.]

Remember how when I came on here I wasn’t sure if I should stay or leave?

I think the blog is dong really good now, so I might leave.

Ranom Person Who wants me To Stay :P: But…but…what if we want you to stay :cry:?????????

I made a poll. You can vote if you want me to stay or leave.

Well, there you go. And if sometime in the future this blog is doing horrible, I promise you I WILL come back if Shy Fire wants me to.

Shy Fire: Don’t leave! I shall clicky stay!