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Ad Guide

There’s a new ad! Here’s the walk-through:

Middle School My Brother is a Big, Fat Liar

First, a girl tells you how someone sabotaged her best friend, Georgia. Time for your help! Here’s the instructions:

Absolute Truth! Someone poured orange juice into the mashed potatoes! Prove Georgia’s innocence by finding clues!

First, head to the trash can to the left. You only have 75 seconds, so hurry! Push the question mark (do this for every question mark; click it). Wait until the bar is completely the color green. Next, go to the chair to the right and click the question mark. Now, click the other question mark to the right behind the chair. Click the other question mark behind the ice-cream cart. Do this for every question mark until you have all of the clues!

Warning: If you pause the game, the timer stops, but once you un-pause the game, it deducts the seconds!

Prize for the Girls:

GeorgiaMashed Potato Toss

I think the boys get Georgia’s brother as their costume and the Mashed Potato Toss, too. If not, please say what you get in the comments! You can also talk to all the characters, too. You can play the game again by talking to Georgia’s best friend and saying, “Can I help?” You can also click the poster that says beside it, “Rafe was here. Click me,” and it will change! 😯 How can a poster change?!?! If you want to do something random, just go to the water fountain and click it to see water spurt out. Click the poster that says, “Get a Sneak Peek Inside the Book HERE,” and just click it like it says. You can watch a video, too.


Outfits Of The Finishers!

Night Watch Island public launch top 10!

Since the Night Watch Island public launch last Thursday, thousands of you have received gold medallions! Congratulations to these 10 Poptropicans who finished the quickest once Night Watch Island was open to everyone.
Want to be one of the first Poptropicans to play Back Lot Island? Don’t wait! Become a Member now for Early Access!
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Awesome!!! They actually announced the Poptropicans that got the medal first after it was released to everyone. Congrats!!! :mrgreen:

Back Lot Island “Director Costume” now available!

Poptropica Members, a new costume has premiered in the Poptropica Store just for you! Now, you can get your hands on the Director costume, which comes with a beret, pinstriped outfit, and a bullhorn that lets you call the shots. Just visit Poptropica and log in with an active Membership to claim your Director costume.
And keep an eye out for Back Lot Island, coming soon to Poptropica.

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Yay!!! Time to look like a director! For the non-members, I’m sorry but you can still play the island after it comes out and you might be featured on the Creators’ Blog like the Top 10 finishers for Night Watch Island were featured (look at the post above)! For members, time to get your costume and try to get featured on the Top 10 finishers list! 😉

Black&Blue, But No Bruise

  Hi! I have an outfit to share. So it will be free for members and 75 credits not including the optional costume. So first get the popstar and then the mythology outfit(optional). Here it goes!

    1. Get the blue popstar hat and the popstar bangs.
    2. Get the mythology surfer hair (optional) in Poseidon mode (trident icon), or any other hair. Some thing that has like a blue headband looks good.
    3. Get a blue necktie from a random poptropican on Early Poptropica.
    4. Get the black popstar shirt.
    5. Get the black belt on the girl with the dog on Red Dragon main street.
    6. Get the skirt on the worker at Bobo”s clown store on Counterfeit island.

      I hope you like it!

Purple Huntress Of Artemis Costume


Purple, one of my favorite colors.


1. Go to Mythology Island, go inside the Hero Hut, and costumize the purple girl’s purple tank top, purple skirt, bangs with yellow tiara, and purple lips.

2. Get the biker girl hair.

3. Get the Star Necklace from the goth/black girl on Astro Knights Island.

4. Get the robin hood’s bow with arrow, belt with knife, and backpack with arrows.


Popular School Girl Outfit


I’ve always wanted to post this outfit but I keep forgetting to. Now I got my chance! I hope you like the outfit.


1. Complete Shrink Ray Island and get CJ’s green vest. (You can get it from a random poptropican too).

2. Go to Reality TV Island and costumize the black guy’s bangs.

3. Get a tank top from Mythology Island (Colors: blue, purple, and green).

4. Costumize the Gamer Girl’s hair or get the shorter version from the black girl on Cryptids Island.

5. Find the black n white polka dot belt and costumize it.

6. Find the purple backpack and costumize it.

7. Get the pop star lips (Normal Cheerleader’s pink lips works too!).

8. Get the Pop Star white skirt with blue tights and bangs with earrings.

A hat can go to this outfit if you don’t want the black guy’s bangs.

Episode 1 of Fierce Star’s Fantastic Fairy Adventures is coming soon!


Demi-god Daughter Of Hades Costume


        This is a cool outfit.  A bit costly. Free for paid members. It cost *gulps* 375 credits. Sawwy. Well, one costume is optional so that makes it 300. Get the gothic cheerio (cheerleader), robin hood, rockstar 2, mythology surfer, and prom queen (optional).
       1. Get the gothic cheerio hair. Not the bangs.
       2. Get prom queen bangs (both), or thin double bangs with the bangs from the goth boy on Reality Island, OR, any other bangs that go with it.
       3. Get Charon’s( man in Hades palace who drives the boat at Mythology Island) green sash
       4. Get rockstar2’s purple and white shirt.
       5. Get the mythology surfer in Hades mode.
      6. Get robin hood’s bows and arrows.

Purple Biker Outfit


This outfit will cost 300 credits or 225 credits for non-members and 0 credits for members.


1. get the biker girl hat and jacket

2. get the purple bangs from a random poptropican.

3. get the gamer girl’s hair or get the shorter version of gamer girl’s hair from the black girl on Cryptids Island.

4. go to mythology island, go inside the hero hut, and costumize the purple girl’s purple tank top.

5. get the gothic cheerleader’s purple skirt.

6. get the fairy queen pink lips or any other pink lips.

7. go to red dragon island, and costumize the blond girl’s black belt.

I am going to do a story with some adventures called Fierce Star’s Fantastic Fairy Adventures. They will be also seen on (Smart Crown’s Blog/Poptropica Stuff).


Green Girl Outfit


This Outfit costs 75 credits for non-members and this outfit costs 0 credits for members.


1. Go to Mythology Island, go inside the Hero Hut, and costumize the green girl’s green tank top.

2. Get the Gamer Girl’s hair or get the shorter version of Gamer Girl’s hair from the black girl on Cryptids Island.

3. Get the Pop Star’s white skirt with the green tights.

4. Get the star necklace from the goth girl on Astro Knights Island.

5. Get the Pop Star’s lips, green belt, bangs with earrings, and green hat.


Funky Pink School Girl

Pink&White Funky School Outfit

             This outfit cost 75 credits for non-members and it is free for paid members. Well, here it goes!
         Get the pink popstar hat.
         Get the popstar bangs with the hoop earrings.
         Get the biker/goth looking girl’s hair on cryptids main street.
         Get any lips but it looks best with popstar lips or you can get the brown lady’s lips on mystery train island mainstreet (mythology surfer’s lips).
          Get the pink polka dot top on a random poptropican, it is also on the banker on ghost story island.
          Get the pink popstar belt.
          Get the white popstar skirt with pink tights.
                  Done! Hope you like it!

I Dunno… Blue & White Outfit

The outfit

         This is the outfit! It cost 125 credits, for you need to get two outfits. For members it is free. You will need the popstar costume and the rockstar 2 costume.
                Get the blue popstar hat.
                Get the popstar bangs.
                Get any lips.( Pale pink is pretty)
                Get any hair.
                Get the blue rockstar 2 tanktop.
                Get the blue popstar belt.
                Get the popstar skirt with the blue tights.
                   Done! ( If you want you can replace anything blue with pink or green, but it doesn’t look as good as blue)