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Short Story Ideas…?

I had an idea! 😀 What if we came up with a scenario for a story but we all wrote a short story about our perspectives on what happened? :3

My mind is a little blank at the moment (xD) so if you have ideas, out them in the comments. :3



For college story…

I made a blog for it! Oh, and NG can your girl be addicted to red drinks? Comment on this post and make a charcter if you haven’t! Post your picture of your character on the blog please. And make the page : Students your parent page for your character. Everyone is an editor! Oh, I will post a new version of my girl, and pick bed 1 or 2

My Girl… For Some Thing E mail your lunaii to sbcpop@

colle that was the hint for what it is! Here it is

20120507-170414.jpg sorry for not just posting it… I was on a IPad when I made it. Yeah…. Ummm. Fine, it is college and… Yeah. Make your student on or just describe here. Oh… here are the pictures of the halls. Thank you udub for inspiration and hall pictures and subjects list!

20120507-170845.jpg the boys and girls are different floors: girls are even and boys are odd floors, but the floors look the same. Up to 2 roomies per room ex: you and other person. One character for now.Oh, theses are the bed options:

20120507-171136.jpg(desk under) or

20120507-171208.jpg um… Say a subject you want to do and some other ones. Bye

I’m thinking of…

I thinking for May-Li’s party that I could give away some accounts with rare stuff, ad stuff and credits. So what do you think on this idea? I know where I can get some of the Creators’ usernames so you can be friends with them when the Friend Thingie comes out. I’m going to need peoples input and your names,so I can make real life tickets and raffle the accounts off or some other way.  So there will be a poll for your input and your name that’ll be put on your ticket. ♣ So that’s what I’m going to be doing if you say yesThis is also the reason why I’m doing several different colors.

Idea and YouTube Account

CT made an e-mail account and a YouTube account! The e-mail is, and the YouTube is sbcpop

All authors can update theYouTube with appropriate videos. I also got an idea to make a little role play pagewherah authors can make  little imaginary lives. And use fake names, and make their character on one normal and one school. Bye

P.S I am writing thison my dad’s iPad so I made a lot of typos. Sorryfort that.