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New Author Contest

Since Marcie is leaving we need one new person to fill in her spot. To apply you’ll need a wordpress account and a poptropica account. You can’t cuss on here, so no words more serious than c**p. (I’m fine with writing the word but just incase you don’t like it) You should also have decent grammar and spelling. To apply comment on this post with a story about a paragraph long or a link to one you made, and a kid friendly blog you have. You also need a good attitude. Bye!


I’m thinking of…

I thinking for May-Li’s party that I could give away some accounts with rare stuff, ad stuff and credits. So what do you think on this idea? I know where I can get some of the Creators’ usernames so you can be friends with them when the Friend Thingie comes out. I’m going to need peoples input and your names,so I can make real life tickets and raffle the accounts off or some other way.  So there will be a poll for your input and your name that’ll be put on your ticket. ♣ So that’s what I’m going to be doing if you say yesThis is also the reason why I’m doing several different colors.

Just To Let You Know…..

…. We have a Percy Jackson contest going on so do it please! I will make a role for your poptropican in the adventures of the Joy Girls! I promise! Well….. Bye! Oh, I can’t do another episode of the Joy Girls without some poptropicans. I also need ideas for a boy story so send some ideas in and the senders poptropican will star in it! Peace out!