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Update: We have enough authors, BUT there are now honorary commenter. They are on the author waiting list.



Smart Runner


  1. I want to add some outfits please.!! please…. pleaseeee..!!

  2. Bronze Starfish

    Making outfits for Poptropica is awesome, my life! ❤ Please accept me 🙂

  3. Bronze Starfish

    Well I have one I created 2 days ago but i don’t really want it, so I was going to delete it anyways. Being on websites like THIS is way better

  4. Bronze Starfish that is the website I have 🙂 Might delete but if you don’t accept me I wont , anyways.. Any questions before, feel free to ask! (:

  5. Nice Ghost AKA May Li

    I`m sorry your impaitiant But at least your kinda part of the team! your an honarary commenter

  6. no,ilikestrawberries

    i edited this page randomly cuz i was bored kay?

  7. Hi I would like to join this awesome site.I met some at you at Xat and thought It would be awesome to be a author here.My email is I’ve been told I have great grammar.My username on Poptropica is LadyKatniss.

  8. Hi i want to be on this blog because it is so awesome and i really want to be part of a poptropica blog (besides my own)

  9. Golden Fire AKA Aqua, demigod daughter of Poseidon

    Can I please be an author? WordPress user-goldenfire1. I love this blog, and I would love to work on it!

  10. FabianRutter3721

    i want to be an author!

  11. can i be an author username alfiefong and website

  12. Can I be a honorary commenter? PLEASE!!!!!! My username is loghome1 I beat all island except Astro Knights (can’t defeat Mordread) I’ll be great help, pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  13. Can I be an honorary commenter? I have 29 medals. I think I should be an honorary author, because I want to help other people on Poptropica. I also have experience with websites and blogs.
    My websites are:
    My blog is:
    I am a member and my battle ranking is 4.4. My name is Silver Wolf and I completed the Sumo Wrestling game. 😀

  14. CAn i be an author? I love poptropica. I would be a good one too

  15. maybe since its summer i could come back on here now that i have complete free time! just tell me if i make it on the waiting list! cant wait to heaar from you its been so long!

  16. If there is voting, I vote for animegirls09.

  17. Hi, I was wondering if you wanted any more professional authors for your blog. I own and want to help other top bloggers by guest blogging.
    If you might be intersted contact me at or on
    PS you don’t need to publish this comment.

  18. GUYS



  19. Um what is an honorary commenter? What do they do?

  20. Oh, sure! I would like to be an author!

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