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OH DERP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for not posting much! ^.^”

I just made this picture of all my friends who are girls. I’ll draw the girls soon. C:

Here’s the picture:

I messed up on LP’s hair. Sorry LP!! ^.^””

Anyway, I hope you guys like it! :{D


~White Wolf  ♫

Update: Here’s the guy friends picture. X3

Reading Books Are Fun XD (to me XD)

Okay, I got two new books yesterday. The first one called A Girl, A Ghost, And The Hollywood Hills. I’m almost done reading it!!! And the second one is the first Hunger Games. X3 But I won’t talk about HG. I’m gonna talk about the first book. X3


I just LOVE this book. I’m gonna read you the blurb of it. :3

Blurb: It’s winter break, and Holly has come home from boarding school to face her dad’s new girlfriend, Claudia-who also happens to be her mom’s sister. Gross. Holly’s mom died less than a year ago, and Claudia has taken over her movie production company, her house, and now her husband. Then, the ghost of Holly’s mother appears, claiming that Claudia murdered her. Holly vows to avenge her mother’s death no matter what is takes, but as the stakes get higher, she starts to wonder: What does the ghost really want from her, and why? Throw in an adorable college guy named Oliver, an all-night house party with a pack of Australian surfers, and a shopping disaster on Rodeo Drive, and you wind up with a Hamlet-inspired ghost story unlike any other.

It has cussing in it, so I recommend it for people (strongly for girls) in middle school and up. (Yes, a 10-year old is reading this book. Deal with it.)

I’m really enjoying it. After reading this, it’s time to read Hunger Games. X3



Requests For Drawings :3

OK, I love drawing on MS paint now. :3

And IDK what to draw! D:

SO, I want you guys to give me requests.

It can be anything! But it can’t be hard. o.o

So, just comment your request!! X3


I was so bored, that I went on Youtube, watched Lucky Star english dubs, then I learned how to draw a manga eye. No kidding. Here’s the proof:

Yeah, it took me about 5-7 minutes..

I showed this to my dad, and he said “Wow! That’s pretty good.”

I’ll tape a video of me drawing it, then post it on Youtube. I better thank the guy who made the tutorial. That’s all. BYE!!


Update: I drew a manga girl!! :D


Took about 7-8 minutes..

I Stand Up For A Friend, But A Fight Will Start Because Of This:

I sent an e-mail to “Krimson,” and here’s her reply:

Here’s the e-mail I sent her:

A fight is about to begin…


What happened to the header? 😕

(sorry for short post)

Picture I Drew

I drew a picture of this girl from the book I’m reading for class, The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle, so here she is:

Sorry for bad lighting. Click to see closer!!! 😀

That’s all!



Go on ST’s blog, and look at my newest post.


Lol :p