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It’s been a while since I posted. Looking back at this blog, I feel a bit embarrassed. I’ve matured a lot since then. I don’t go on Poptropica any more, but I suppose that this blog was barely related to Poptropica, despite the name.

Seriously, though, I feel very embarrassed. I doubt I’m not alone on this matter.

Also, I’m on tumblr now, reblogging memes and stuff. I don’t feel all that comfortable just posting my url (especially since it’s a  m e s s), but I’ll share it privately.


bi the way, i’m bi af


Enjoy this picture of a c o o l  d o g.



Mysterious Spam Email

Hi guys. Sorry that I’ve been neglecting this blog, but someone has sent a spam email to pretty much all of us. From me to Krimson. Does anyone know why?

By the way, happy Easter.


I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been busy. School work, more stuff. Oh, and lots of people at my school are sick. They have the flu. Yesterday about 10 people were gone. A lot of them come to school but have to go home. Luckily, I’m fine.

In other news, I’m just juggling everything. I’m busy at school. I’m starting a research paper and a character analysis paper. And right now I have to study for two tests. 

-Shy Fire

For The Past Few Months

I’m in middle school now. It’s been hectic. One of my friends moved back to Boston, and my other friend’s dad moved jobs (thankfully they get to stay). I’ve become more of an introvert than ever. I’ll just say that I developed.

I have lots of homework now, and I still procrastinate. I’ve made new acquaintances. Not friends, but almost. Nobody is bothering me, though. So I’m fine.

On a more positive note, I’ve decided to do something with my life. I’m going to get this blog back up. My goal is a post a week.

So I guess that’s all I have to say. Quick reminder, I’m looking for new authors.

-Shy Fire

New Authors

Hi everyone, it’s Shy Fire.

It’s been a while since I posted. I’m not going to delete anyone, but I will add anyone who sends in an application. Just fill in this form. We’re looking for people who will post/know a lot about Poptropica, but this is also a semi-personal blog.

(User) Name:

Email: (It shows it in the comments moderation anyway, so you don’t have to)

Main Website: (If you have one)

Why I want to apply:


Other Details:

Where To Start

Hello, Shy Fire here. My life has been… Eventful here in South Korea. Did you hear about the nukes? That’s what everyone in my class has been talking about. -.- Gah.
I finished reading Lord Of The Rings. I’m on my… ninth or so re-reading. For English class I read The Westing Game and I love it.
My class had to do an egg-baby thing for a week. My teacher boiled the eggs just in case. My egg cracked a tiny bit, and me and a few other girls in my class ran an egg-sitting business. I’ll put a picture of my egg, Meg, at the end.
Fifth grade is doing Annie as our musical. I’m on prop and costume crew. The Annie wig is already coming. 🙂
I’m out of things to say,
Shy Fire


Bye Silver Wolf! You’ve ben a huge help getting the blog back up on its feet. To cheer everyone up, here is Misha, we are now part of the Mishapocalypse, even if late.



Omigosh. Camp Nano is only a few days away! Anyway, I found this amazing video called Snowdrop, a fan made video that has to do with My Little Pony. It’s beautiful, I cried. I swear, it’s AMAZING. At the end tears were streaming down my face.

I just got glasses, dark purple and pale pink. It looks pretty. Also, I visited the doctors and I found out my leg is twisted. One bone is twisted one way and another bone the opposite way. Blerg.

~Shy Fire

Spring Break

Ehhh… spring break. My class had a poetry recital and I did a poem I made my self. I was very nervous, but I didn’t stumble. A few kids stumbled, but we mostly did fine.

Our class had gym class today, kickball on the field. There was a wee bit of hail, but we still did it. My team was doing great today, we won by 15:8 or something like that. In one round when my team has the catching team nobody from the other team made it to the first base.

My class also had a pizza party, because my class read the most minutes out of all the classes. There were some awesome prizes, and somehow a kindergartener managed to get a smart camera. Me and my friend only had one slice of pizza each, so I gave my slice to a boy who wanted it. He ended up selling it to a boy for a dollar. -.-

A few months ago, my class went to the Special Olympics. We took 8 hours, and we ate dinner at a rest stop. My friend got to take a picture with some celebrity from American Idol who was great at singing. My favorite part was when my group made a snow dog and house. I named the dog Snoffy, and my BFF was in the same group. At the rest stop we found a doll that looked like him so we bought it.

P.S: About my roller coaster, it worked!!! My group made a sideways loop and a tunnel. Look up Bill Nye the Science Guy. ‘Tis awesome.

Camp NaNo

Hi guys! Anyway I’m doing NaNo this April! My novel is going to be called Colorless Reverie.
Daphne Miller is sent to live with a family friend after her parents died. She and her brother finally meet Miss Emmeline Anarose, also known as Aunt Emmy. One thing she didn’t know was that Aunt Emmy always looked at the world in a perspective different from all others. Along with her new best friends, she strives to see the world in all its beauty.
Her face softened, looking wistful and sad. Daphne knew Emmy was thinking about her dead fiancée, who died before the wedding day. Emmy sighed and said, “Do not judge the world harshly, and see only its terror. Do not judge the world too kindly either, see it how it really is. The world is a mixture of everything, for it is not just black and white. They are shades of gray, and not everyone is like you.”
Yay! My first NaNO :3
Anyway, in South Korea ‘stuff’ is happening. Apparently North Korea can fire a dangerous bomb… On the good note, my science teacher is showing lots of Bill Nye in class! We have to make a roller coaster for the physics unit, so yeah… Anyway my class was talking about crucification… Yeowch. Our teacher was a bit… detailed so most kids looked sick. I just thought ‘ow’ while ‘Mr. Call of Duty’ (my teacher actually called him that) asked her to stop. She didn’t.
Gahh, gymnastics unit. -_- I can’t even do a forwards roll, much less a cartwheel. And our gym uniforms are super baggy. Anyway, do you think 4 feet 9 inches is big or small for a 11 year old? My best friend is 5 feet and my other best friend is about 5 feet 3 inches. One boy is about 5 feet 7 inches and his dad is a foot taller than him. Ginormous. Now I’m addicted to Sims Freeplay, I made 14 people, even a hobo.
I watched all of the Lord Of The Rings movies, and almost finished the last book. The book is tiny -.- Anyway, I’ve got to go. Bye!

P.S. I discovered the magic of ponies *rainbow barf* and what is the Harlem Shake. Also, how do people in America or other countries react to Gangnam style. In Korean it’s 강남 스타일.