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I don’t even know what to say anymore wow I’m lame



This was too cheesy, so I deleted it. But we all really need to talk more often now that its summer.

Sorry I’m Busy

Yaaa , read the title. I forget about WordPress not gonna lie .



Okay I wanna show you something.. I Googled “50 most popular women” and I clicked on one link and Justin Bieber showed up. I was like “xD They put Justin Bieber in a women’s list!!”


πŸ˜€ Look at number 7… Justin Bieber! πŸ˜€ Lololol. Well, I just wanted to tell you this…

Also I told some people on Xat this already, but I felt like posting it. πŸ™‚

And I have nothing against JB. He’s okay in my opinion so I wasn’t trying to show hate πŸ™‚

That’s all.


I Might Be Quitting Xat/WordPress

I have my reasons. So before you freak out at me, listen to my reasons 😦 .

1. So much freaking drama! With Krimsy, fake people, Brittany.. And I think CD is mad at me .-.

Krimson, causes a lot of drama. Brittany made LP very mad .-. , and CD, it just seems like it..

2. I need a new cell phone.

Yes, that may sound selfish, and I am not. Trust me. It’s just, I NEED one. I’m going to middle school after summer, which is in another town Dx! And.. Let’s say, it’s dangerous like 2 cities away from I live which is only 15 minutes away, so you never know..

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My Plan : People On Xat, You Know.

Well, we were on chat and I got a plan, also. It’s not different, its the same. πŸ˜› So many people thought this.. :/


Well, my plan is we be really nice to her, and if she doesn’t we tell adults/parents/police or whatever!! πŸ™‚ Β If you agree, please comment “Yeah.”



Tribes Of Poptropica

I’ve learned about tribes.. Not the best, we had a test AND a project. Sheesh, over worked! Just kidding, well here’s more stuff from Creators.. (Or at least, that’s what we’re suppose to think.)


Friday, May 11, 2012

The tribes of Poptropica

Choosing your tribe in Poptropolis Games is no small decision. You’ll fly your tribe’s colors both in the game, and on your personality profile. Here’s your first look at a few of the tribal logos.

Pretty nice, eh? That’s only half of them. There are still four more to be revealed!

Over the next several week we’ll be bringing you even more information about Poptropolis Games, including all of the tribal names and icons!

avatar image

I like the logo with wings best. πŸ™‚ Which do you like? Thanks for.. Informing us.. x3 :3

New Items For Members! (And non-members. )

Sorry, non-members. Β Members get all the cool stuff :(. Oh, well. Here’s what they said, yesterday.. :/

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New in the Poptropica Store

We have a few new things to share this week in the Poptropica Store. First, Poptropica Members can now get their exclusive Poptropolis Games gear!

These Member-only items include a snazzy Wrestling Singlet costume, a handheld Discus that you can throw around the screen, and the incredible Plant-a-Statue power, which lets you bring a little bit of the Poptropolis Games to any Island in Poptropica.

But that’s not all! There’s also a new costume in the store, available to everyone with Membership or credits.

Now, if somebody calls you a big baby, you can tell them they’re right, and throw a fit to prove it.Enjoy!

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Well, I’m not sure if its a good thing that someone calls you a bit baby.. But ‘kay. Whateer you say bearat- creators. πŸ™‚

Burning? Flames? :D

We all might think fires are, cool , yet scary.. And dangerous. Well, see what the creators have to say about fire in Poptropolis Games, the new island!

Tuesday, May 8

Is this a eternal flame?

Well, probably not. It’s hard for a flame to burn at the bottom of the ocean. But when the city of Poptropolis re-surfaces every 100 years, the ceremonial torch burns for as long as the competitive fires do!

avatar image

Yup, that’s all. I’ll try to keep up on the journal daily. Β But, maybe the fire in Poptropolis Games will be fun.. Who knows, we’ll have to wait and see…. *But hopefully, nothing gets ruined.*

Cool Ring!!

I got a cool ring from my grandma.. It has my name on it.. Almost 3-D like. Yahoo! Anyways, thanks to my grandma. πŸ™‚ Have fun with life, I guess..


(BTW this post was useless. xD)Β (: