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Me for the header :P

Well, I’m going as a devil!

So here’s my Lunaii:

Your Lunaiis need to be in their Halloween costumes, because this is going to be a Halloween Header XP

Alright…that’s all I have to say :3



Header (UPDATED!)

K guys, so I’m making a new header, yadda yadda yadda and all that…

But I’ve decided something.

It won’t be our Pop. characters, I’m just going to make Lunaiis. So just comment your costume in the comments ASAP so I can get this header on the road 😛

And also, I think we should clean this place up.

Like some of the pages? They gotta go.

And also, SF, what do we have to do to become an admin on this blog?

So yeah…just comment your costume and I’ll get on it ASAP!

SF: 20 posts, you might have 20.I’ll check. My lunaii will have a black ponytail, brown eyes and where black&white. ^^
SF: I just checked: you have 8. BS has 9 and MS has 13


Okay, so I was looking at the header, and I realized that it’s pretty old, and we need a new one.

SO, I was wondering if it was okay for me to make a new one?

It’ll be Halloween themed, if that’s okay, because now it’s October and Halloween is approaching XD

So could all the editors/admins comment their Poptropica usernames, or put a link to your Poptropican in their Halloween costume? I’d appreciate it.

I already have a background in mind…so that won’t be necessary.

Also, can editors change the heading?

If not, SF, I can post the header and you can change it. Hope that’s okay!

~Golden Fire~
SF: Well, you can email it to me or another admin. Or post it. I think Lunaiis would be better tho. But my pop user is snsdbb.

GF to SF: If you want Lunaiis we can use Lunaiis…now i’m starting to think it WOULD be easier…so I’ll make a new post :3


I’m writing a Harry Potter fanfic on

Here’s the link if you wanna read it!

Please leave reviews 🙂


My ponies for the MLP Roleplay

Here’s Apple Sorbet:


And here’s Apple Cream:


Hope you guys like them!

Oh, and they have southern accents like Applejack, too :3


Short story :3

Okay, so I wrote this for a writing contest online, and I thought that maybe you guys would like to read it? Well, I know Three does, cuz I asked her XD

Well, here it is…I guess it’s titled “Climbing Trees”. XD I dunno, it was the first thing that  popped into my head.

Here it is:

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

 My feet stomp down on the dead autumn leaves that had fluttered to the ground days before. Leaves and prickly things find their way into my boots, but I don’t mind it. It happens all the time.

 I stop in front of a large oak tree. My eyes are locked on it, not daring to look anywhere else. Backing up slowly, I break the glance for a second to look on either side of me, but then my vision locks on the tree again.

 My right foot slides behind me, but my left foot stays planted, my leg bending as my right foot and leg slide farther behind me. 

Finally, I stop my leg from going any further.

 Using all of the strength that I can muster, I rocket myself forward with the power of my leg strength.

 Not even thinking, just doing, I jump on to the tree, and grab the nearest branch. I twist and turn until I’m on the first full branch that can actually hold my weight.

 My dirt-caked fingernails sink into the bark on the tree. My greatest fear is that I will fall, and never be able to climb trees again. It’s my only joy in life.


 I hear my little sister, Asmaria calling my name, extending the end.

 I almost fall. She startles me, Asmaria does. And I would have fallen, but in a split second, I wrap my arms around the branch, clasping my fingers together.

 It takes me a second to realize the position I am in. I’m hanging from the tree, high up on the branches, and my hands, my fragile hands, could save my life.

 I see Asmaria toddling into the forest behind our small house, and I let out a shriek. “Asmaria!”

 I see her stop, glimpse around, and her eyes lock on me. Her expression turns terrified. “Don’t worry! I’ll get Daddy!”

 She spins on her heels, and starts running back to the house.

“NO WAIT ASSIE!” I scream. But she had already slammed the back door. I let out an annoyed wail.

 A sharp gasp escapes my lips as my finger comes untwined with my other hand.

 “No,” I say silently. “No, I won’t fall. I won’t die. I will be able to do this.”

 Using all the bravery and strength in my frail body, I let my right hand fall to my side, so that only my left hand was gripping the tree branch.

Alright, Dezeray, I think to myself. If you let go, no more climbing trees.

 That was it. That is my motivation.

 I look down. There is a branch beneath me, not too far away.

 Thinking, I grip the branch with my right hand as well, inching my way backwards.

 When I get to the spot where the branch connects to the tree, I look down again. I can almost touch the branch beneath me.

 I look to my side. There’s a branch I can reach with another one directly below it that I would be able to touch.

 I let go with my right hand again, and reach for the branch. My hand clasps around the branch, and I exhale.

 Almost like Tarzan, I let go of the branch I was holding with my left hand, and swing to the other branch, where I swing for a moment, but then I place my feet on the branch below, and drop down so I’m lying on it.

 I wrap my arms around it so it’s like I’m hugging the tree. I’m breathing heavily. I was terrified, honestly.

 I can climb down from here, but I don’t want to risk anything. Tears begin sliding down my cheeks as I hear Asmaria and my father coming.

 “Dezzy?” That’s what my father calls me. His voice seems soothing, but distant.

 I don’t even dare to look up. I know that Assie and my father are under the tree.

 “Dezeray?” Assie says quietly. I sense that she probably tugs on my father’s pants. “Is she…dead?”

 My head shoots up. “I’m NOT DEAD! Just frightened!”

 Dad sets up a ladder leading from the branch that I’m on to the ground. I climb down, but my legs are shaking wildly.

 When my feet touch the ground, I run into my father’s arms, sobbing wildly. He pats my back comfortingly, and Assie joins the hug.

 I’m so glad that my feet are on the ground again.


Well, tell me what you think :3


Original Stories from meh: Wizards from Poptropica

Hey ya’lls! It’s GF, and I decided I’mma gonna write a story series on here called Wizards from Poptropica.

It’s pretty much about a group of wizards…from Poptropica…and they gotta save Poptropica from this evil guy who’s name I havent thought of yet LOL.

So yeah. Watch out for that :3


You know you’re an EXTREME Potterhead…


You know that you’re an EXTREME Potterhead…

If the word “always” carries more weight than the word “love” ❤

If you’ve read the series more than once…or twice…or three times.

If you rewatch the movies over and over again.

If you have a collectible Harry Potter wand.

If the Harry Potter theme song is stuck in your head 24/7

When you put “Sirius,” not “Serious.”

When you call bad hair days “Hermione Hair Days.”

When someone asks you what your weapon of choice is, you say, “A wand.”

When you get married, insead of saying “I do,” you want to say, “Always.”

If you bake a cake on July 31st that says “Happy Birthday Harry” on it.

When you watch the movies, you cry even though you already know what’s going to happen.

When your teacher mentions Harry Potter, and everyone looks at you.

When the worst thing someone can call you is a Muggle.

When you read the word ridiculous, “Riddikkulus.”

When on April Fools Day, all you can think about is Fred and George Weasley.

And finally…

You know you’re an extreme Potterhead…if you believe in magic ❤


Heeeeyy :3

Hi everybody!!!!!!!!! It’s Gee Eff XD I’m now an editor on this blog, and super excited about it!

So, I really don’t have anything else to say :3