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Poptropica Avatar Silver Wolf

Wait a sec!
I’m also called Incredible Gamer!

Hi! I am a girl. My name is Silver Wolf on Poptropica. My favorite colors are purple, blue, and green. My favorite movies are The Hunger Games, E.T., Brave, Star Wars, and the Lord of the Rings series (including The Hobbit). My favorite tv show is the classic Pokémon and yes, I am a geek. I love animals, people, my friends, my family, and Poptropica (obviously). My favorite websites are: PoptropicaCool Math, and Cool Games. My favorite blogs are: Icy Comet’s Blog,  PD & Wolfy’s BlogPfDPHBAdventure Time PopMagic Star’s Blog, this blog, and mine. My Poptropica user is Silver Wolf with 32 medals, membership, and a 4 battle ranking. My favorite games are Call of Duty, Poptropica (obviously), Minecraft, and any Pokémon game. I also love books, partically the Magyk series, The Hunger Games, and The Hobbit. My sign-off is ~SW, ~IG, or ~SW/IG


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