SF & The Missionesses Episodes

~Random Day~

Shy Fire woke up in her bed room in Red Dragon island.  She felt like laziness itself while warm sunlight was streaming through the window. SF knew she had to get up, but if anyone wanted to make her get up, they would probably have to inject caffine into her.  She gently chided herself and poured a cup of cold water on her face. She reluctantly got up and lumbered to her closet, not wanting to get out of her pajammies: a white tank top with baby blue butterflies and a cotton pastel skirt. A wide selection of clothes were in her closet. In a plesant dilemma she tried to decide what to wear. She eventually chose a ensemble of: A pink cape-ish looking thing, a white cami with a hot pink broken heart on it, a white skirt with pink tights, and a belt that was  -you guessed it- pink. To accessorize SF put on white earrings and a beret. SF opened the door and stepped into the hallway. Shy Fire skipped down the hall to a statue she begged her mom for- a statue of Artemis. She saw it at a half-blood’s yard sale in another form. Quickly taking fancy to it she begged her mom to buy it for her. In the end SF had won. She now admired the statue, it’s great workmanship, and it’s smoothness.  Shy Fire saw a piece of paper sticking out of a box: a form. To be exact: a school enrolling form. _To be continued

Shy Fire gasped in sharply. ” No, no! This ca- can’t be true” , she muttered. She walks slowly to the desktop and went to her e-mail site.

SF clicked the back button a few times until she came to another site: her mother’s mail website. She was shocked at what it said.

Episode 3

   The front door swung shut as Shy Fire stood there, looking literally frozen.  Her mother,Fearless Glove, had come home, rage bubbled in side of her. She marched down the stairs to the front hall.

SF: Mooooooooooooom!

FG: Come to the BAD bistro! Blimp!


FG: We’re here, Shy?

SF: 😦

FG: Hon, come on! I will be waiting inside. Now come.

SF: 😡

FG: *Goes Into bistro*

SF: *Gets out of blimp and walks  in to bistro*

FG: Over here!

Ignoring her mother, Shy ran into the washroom and changed her outfit. Soon she hopped out and joined her mom.


  1. three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan

    Wouldn’t Shy Fire’s mom have the same last name as her :P?

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