Nice Ghost`s Page

Hey, hey, and hey!!! It`s Nice Ghost here!!! Well, I`m May Li on the Hunters of Artemis blog and in real life I’m Marcaline. Um…. I’m 13 years old and I like lots of different music. In fact, the thing I say most and have on my binder is, “Music is my life,” and, “Dance is my soul.” I love drawing and can sing in soprano. (That means a high, pretty voice). I dream of being a fashion designer, and that is where my drawing skills come in. Also, you never know when you`ll come across my designs!! Anyways, like I was not saying before, a few of my favorite songs are “Arms” by Christina Perry, “Unfaithful” by RiRi or Rihanna, and “The EMO song”. In case you don’t know it goes, “E is for Emotion ruins everybody`s day, M is for Miserable people, O is for On the dark side cause we have some fresh cookies!! (Sung to the tune of SpongeBob’s FUN song). I love anime and manga. If you think they’re the same thing, then YOU`RE WRONG!!! My favorite anime shows so far are Tokyo Mew Mew and Fruits basket. If you don`t know what they are, go look them up. I can draw some anime but have problems with shading. Hopefully I`ll get into art next year. I love my dogs; I have 2!! Well, that`s all for now………so, Byes!!


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