Adventures of Blue Ice Characters

Here are the characters of Adventures of Blue Ice.

BB and Friends

BB and Friends are the Poptropicans who has many adventures.

Blue Bridgett Ice is an adventurous girl. She might not look like it but she loves exploring the other islands of Poptropica. She might not look like an adventurous girl because she has a passion for fashion. Her friends call her Bridgett. She is 12 years old and is ready to go for her first adventure. She goes on many adventures with her best friends. She and her friends’ encounter dangerous events. Bridgett and her friends’ lives in Early Poptropica and goes to school at Big Nate Island.  How do they go to Big Nate Island when they’re in Early Poptropica? They each have a Poptropica blimp to fly to an island. There is a map in each blimp and you just point to what island you want to go to and the blimp flies to that island. The first time Bridgett used her blimp that was when she wanted to go to many adventures. If you want to see Bridgett you have to go to Early Poptropica and go to Poptropica Towers and knock on the orange/tan house.

Small Sasha Tiger is a sporty girl. She is one of Bridgett’s best friends and she also like to have adventures. Her friends call her Sasha. When Sasha has some free time she does some sports especially basketball. She also loves history. Every day she goes to Pop Art Museum. A museum near Poptropica Towers. Sasha also goes to Counterfeit Island and goes to Museum Fantastique. She stays in the light brown house in Poptropica Towers.

Purple Pauline Biker is a smart girl. Bridgett and Sasha are also smart, but not as smart as Pauline. Her friends call her Pauline. Each day, she goes to an island and learns about its history. She also wanted to have some adventures. She helps a lot in their adventures by telling her other friends about the history and such. Pauline stays in Poptropica Towers in the maroon house.

More Coming Soon ! ! !

  1. Random idea: how about Tiny Tasha Tiger? T.T.T.!

  2. SF AKA Tina,Claudia,BB and Lillith

    Go to then fing monster high, then get the tie for BB. It matches her belt.

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