Adventures of Blue Ice

EPISODE 1: Coconuts and Sharks

Date Made: 1/19/12

Little Penguin: In Early Poptropica there live 3 best friends named Blue Bridgett Ice (also known as Bridgett), Small Sasha Tiger (also known as Sasha), and Purple Pauline Biker (also known as Pauline). They long for an adventure when they were 7, but their parents said “no not until your 12.” And now they’re 12 years old and they are ready for their first adventure.

(At Bridgett’s house)

Bridgett: BUT MOM! I really want to go on my first adventure tomorrow since I’m turning 12 tomorrow.

Bridgett’s Mom: Oh all right. Since me and your dad promised you that you can go on an adventure when your 12. When you go on your adventure, you have to go home at 8. Here is the key to our blimp.

Bridgett: (Grabs the key) YAY! THANK YOU MOM! I’ll make sure we go home on or before 8.

Bridgett’s Mom: We? Who are you going with?

Bridgett: I’m going with Sasha and Pauline.

Bridgett’s Mom: Pauline is still 11.

Bridgett: No she’s not. She turned 12 last month.

Bridgett’s Mom: Okay. So I’ll ask Sasha’s and Pauline’s parents if they’re allowed to go to an adventure with you.

Bridgett: Oh YES! Thanks mom!

(Next Morning)

(At Bridgett’s house)


Bridgett: Oh, thanks mom. Thanks dad.

Bridgett’s Mom: Our gift to you is making you ride the blimp and have your first adventure with Sasha and Pauline!

Bridgett: REALLY?!? Sasha and Pauline can come! YES! I’ll text them to eat breakfast and we’ll go to the blimp after.

Bridgett’s Dad: Sounds good to me. So eat now if you want to go to your first adventure after.

(After eating)

(Bridgett waits for Sasha and Pauline inside the blimp)

Bridgett: Where are they?

(Sasha and Pauline came)

Bridgett: Hey! There you guys are. I’ve been waiting for you guys to show up for a long time.

Pauline: Sorry. We were finishing our gifts to you.

(Sasha and Pauline give their gift to Bridgett)

Bridgett: Thanks guys.

Sasha and Pauline: Welcome!

Bridgett: You guys ready?

Sasha: Of course we are.

Bridgett: Where do we go first?

Pauline: It’s your birthday! You pick the island. Oh and I brought my notebook filled with information about each island’s history.

Bridgett: Okay. How about Shark Tooth Island?

Sasha: My dad tried going there. He said it’s a very fun island for tourists, but the Great Booga was the problem.

Bridgett: Who’s the Great Booga?

Pauline: Long ago the people there worshipped the Great Booga. He’s a big shark. Now he’s swimming around Booga Bay.

Bridgett: Creepy, you guys still want to go there?

Sasha & Pauline: YES!

Bridgett: OKAY!

(At Shark Tooth Island)

Bridgett: The place doesn’t look bad. It’s so beautiful.

Random Guy: *to Bridgett* would you want to have a shark fin?

Bridgett: No thanks.

Random Guy: *to Pauline & Sasha* How about you guys?

Pauline & Sasha: No thanks.

(BB and friends walks more) (BB means Blue Bridgett)

Pauline: Here we are at Booga Bay.

Random Guy #2: Would you guys want grass skirts?

Pauline/Bridgett/Sasha: No thanks.

(They walk over to a guy with a fishing rod)

Sasha: Hey mister, can we feed the shark?

Guy: Sure.

(BB and friends take turns feeding the Great Booga)

Bridgett: Wow! That shark is so BIG!

Pauline: Tell me about it. I want to get a picture of it. I got a camera.

Sasha: I’ll take a picture of it.

(Takes a picture of the Great Booga)

Sasha: Hey aren’t you guys getting hungry? I AM!

Bridgett: Yeah I’m getting hungry.

Pauline: Same here.

Bridgett: You guys want to go to Coconut Café?

Sasha: I guess.

Pauline: As long as I can eat something.

(BB and friends goes to Coconut Café)

Bridgett: I love the coconut salad.

Sasha: I love the coconut smoothie.


Bridgett/Sasha: HAHA!

Bridgett: Hey, it’s getting late and I promised my mom that we have to get back at 8.

Sasha: Yeah. It’s almost 8.

Pauline: WAIT! Let’s pack some food for our family and I’m done packing.

Bridgett: I already.

Sasha: Wait for me. Let me buy 3 coconut smoothie and 1 large coconut salad.

5 minutes later….

Sasha: Okay, I’m done. Let’s go.

Bridgett: WAIT! Let’s take a picture so I can put it in our scrapbook which I’m going to buy later.

Pauline: *asks a man* Mister, can you take a picture of us?

Man: Sure. *takes picture*

Sasha: Thanks, Mister.

(BB and friends goes to the blimp and then arrives at Early Poptropica)

Bridgett: See you guys tomorrow.

(BB and friends goes to their houses)

(At Bridgett’s house)

Bridgett: MOM! DAD! I’m home!

(Bridgett goes to the kitchen)

Bridgett’s Parents: SURPRISE!

Bridgett: Thanks mom and dad.

Bridgett’s Mom: Blow the candle.

(Bridgett blows the candle)

Bridgett’s Dad: So how’s your first adventure? Where did you guys go?

Bridgett: It was awesome! We went to Shark Tooth Island. We saw the Great Booga and fed him coconut. Then we went to coconut café and I love the food and drinks there. So I bought you guys 1 large coconut salad, 3 coconut smoothie, and 1 small coconut cake.

Bridgett’s Mom: *tastes the coconut smoothie* MMM tastes good. So did you guys take pictures?

Bridgett: Yeah. Only 2, but I need a scrapbook. Can I go to the store?

Bridgett’s Mom: You don’t have to.

Bridgett’s Dad: I bought you a scrapbook.

Bridgett: YES! Thanks! *Hugs her parents* Oh and here’s the 2 pictures we took.

Bridgett’s Dad: That Great Booga is HUGE!

Bridgett: Maybe we should have a vacation there sometime.

Bridgett’s Mom: Maybe. Since it’s you summer vacation.

Bridgett: Here’s another one.

(Left to Right: Bridgett, Sasha, and Pauline)

Bridgett’s Mom: WOW! You guys are pretty.

Bridgett: Thanks mom.

Bridgett’s Dad: Let’s see if we can fix up a vacation there.

Bridgett: Not this month.

Bridgett’s Dad: Of course not this month. Let’s eat so you can sleep.

(Bridgett’s family ate and went to sleep)

Little Penguin: BB and her friends had so much fun at Shark Tooth Island. Hope you like it. Stay tune for Episode 2! BYE (:


Date Made: 1/22/12

Little Penguin: Previously on Adventures of Blue Ice. BB and Friends travel to Shark Tooth Island. There they saw the Great Booga and it was also Bridgett’s birthday. The island they’ll be traveling on is…… NO WHERE!

Audience #1: What do you mean no where?

Audience #2: They have to travel somewhere!

Little Penguin: Just watch and see and I have a part in this episode.

(Bridgett wakes up and goes down stairs)

Bridgett: Hey dad, what’s for breakfast?

Bridgett’s Dad: French toast.

Bridgett: Yay! My favorite!

Bridgett’s Mom: So where you girls going today?

Bridgett: I’m not sure where going anywhere today.

Bridgett’s Mom: Why not?

Bridgett: I’m tired from yesterday and I have plans today.

Bridgett’s Dad: Okay, so what are your plans?

Bridgett: First we got to Rooftop Restaurant for the party.

Bridgett’s Dad: I forgot about that.

Bridgett: Then like at 3:00 me, Sasha, and Pauline has to go to Soda Pop Shop for a party again.

Bridgett’s Mom: What’s the party for?

Bridgett: You know the party me and my classmates have after the end of school?

Bridgett’s Mom: OH! That party.

Bridgett: The party will end at 4:30. Then I’m going to go home and relax and at 7:00 I’m going to a concert with Sasha and Pauline.

Bridgett’s Mom: I forgot to ask you what theme is it for your party.

Bridgett’s Dad: Also, what concert?

Bridgett: The party theme is to where your best clothes and remember the concert of my favorite band, The Funky Band. Here at Poptropica Towers.

Bridgett’s Dad: Doesn’t give me a clue.

Bridgett: Maybe this helps. *pulls out a flyer*

Bridgett’s Dad: Oh, that concert. So what are the adults going to do?

Bridgett’s Mom: Remember the adults living in Poptropica Towers will go to the future in Time Tangled Island.

Bridgett’s Dad: Oh yeah! Why again?

Bridgett’s Mom: We go there every month to celebrate that the future was still beautiful.

Bridgett’s Dad: Oh.

Bridgett *starts laughing* Dad did you get a good sleep? You’re so STM now.

Bridgett’s Dad: I did get a good sleep. I was just busy this week.

Bridgett: Oh. Hey it’s 10. We have to be at the party before 10:30 because we have to help out. I’m going to go change.

(Bridgett goes to her room)

Bridgett: *to herself*what to wear? Oh there it is!

Bridgett’s Dad: *shouting from downstairs* BRIDGETT! IT’S ALMOST 10:30!

Bridgett: *shouting from her room* OKAY! I’M COMING DOWN!

(Bridgett goes downstairs)

Bridgett’s Mom: Wow! Is there a best clothes contest in your party?

Bridgett: Yup, that’s why I’m wearing this.

Bridgett’s Mom: Where did you get the tank top?

Bridgett: Oh, I cut it.

Bridgett’s Dad: You should really open shop.

Bridgett: It’s okay. Maybe when I’m older, but for now I’m sticking to adventures.

Bridgett’s Dad: Okay, let’s go.

(Goes to party)

(Then after an hour and 30 minutes, they came home)

Bridgett’s Mom: The party was fun.

Bridgett: Yeah it was. J

(Bridgett goes to her room)

(Bridgett receives a message from Pauline saying “Me and Sasha need your help for our clothes!”)

(Bridgett goes downstairs)

Bridgett: Hey Dad, can I go to Pauline’s house, then after I go to Sasha’s house?

Bridgett’s Dad: Sure. Text your mom when you’re already at the party.

Bridgett: Thanks. Bye!

(Bridgett goes to Pauline’s house and is at Pauline’s room)

Pauline: What should I wear?

Bridgett: Here let me pick for you. Also, I like your new hair color.

Pauline: Thanks.

5 minutes later….

Bridgett: Here I found something that matches. *shows the clothes to Pauline*

Pauline: It’s beautiful! I know what my hair style is going to be.  Go to Sasha’s house and I’ll meet you guys there.

Bridgett: KK.

(Bridgett goes to Sasha’s house and is at her room)

Sasha: How about this? Does this match?

Bridgett: Not even close. Let me pick it for you.

(At Pauline’s house)

Pauline: *to herself* I’m finished! I better go to Sasha’s house

(Pauline goes to Sasha’s house and is at her living room with Bridgett)

Bridgett: Nice work at your hair.

Pauline: Thank you.

Sasha: *shouting from her room* I’M ALMOST READY!

Bridgett: *shouting from the living room* OKAY!

(Sasha comes downstairs)

Sasha: You guys ready?

Pauline: Yeah we are.

(BB and Friends goes to Soda Pop Shop)

Bridgett: Hey, I see our creator.

Sasha: Where?

Bridgett: Sitting on the table with the black curly hair girl.

Sasha: Oh, I see her. Let’s go to her.

(BB and Friends goes to LP)

Pauline: Hey LP!

LP: Hey you guys’ clothes are awesome!

BB and Friends: Thanks

LP: I bet you guys would win in the contest.

Sasha: I thought it’s only one.

LP: No it’s 5 winners.

Bridgett: Do you think you would win?

LP: Of course not! I’m the creator remember?

Bridgett: Oh yeah.

LP: You guys want to sit with me?

BB and Friends: Sure!

1 hour later…..

Host: Okay! Are you guys ready to find out who has the 5 best clothes?!

Everyone: YEAH!!!!

Host: For 5th place winner is…… Small Sasha Tiger!

(Sasha goes up the stage and receives an envelope)

Host: Sasha wins a 2 nights stay at Mews Mansion with 2 people!

Sasha: Thank you J *stands at the back of the stage*

Host: For 4th place winner is…… Purple Pauline Biker!

(Pauline goes up the stage and receives an envelope)

Host: Pauline wins 3 tickets to Chicago World’s Fair!

Pauline: Thanks. *stands next to Sasha*

Host: For 3rd place winner is…… Wild Whitney Moon!

(Whitney goes up the stage and receives an envelope)

Host: Whitney wins a trip to see all the Gods and Goddesses in Mythology Island!

Whitney: Thanks Leah! *stands next to Pauline*

(Leah is the second name of the host)

Leah/Host: For 2nd place is…… Young Amy Ring!

(Amy goes up the stage and receives an envelope)

Leah/Host: Amy receives a trip to all the islands of Poptropica!

Amy: Thanks Leah! *stands next to Whitney*

Leah/Host: Now for 1st place is ……………… BLUE BRIDGETT ICE!!!

(Bridgett goes up the stage and receives an envelope)

Leah/Host: Bridgett gets to be in Reality TV!

Bridgett: Thank you so much! *stand next to Amy*

Leah/Host: So here are the winners!

(Then all the winners go down the stage)

(After the party, BB and Friends go outside)

Sasha: I’m inviting you 2 to stay with me in the Mews Man—

(Someone shouting for help)

Sasha: Who’s that?

Bridgett: Sounds like it’s coming from the Early Poptropicans.

(BB and Friends runs to the Early Poptropicans)

Pauline: Mister, what happened here?

Early Poptropican Guy: Some poptropicans stole our pig, bucket of water, and our signal flag again!

Bridgett: We can help you get it back.

Sasha: Wait! What about the concert?

Bridgett: Will make it on time, but now we have to their things!

Pauline: I remember where the pig was. It was in the sewer of the spiders.

Bridgett: They might have put it at the dark sewer since it’s next to it.

Sasha: Of course the giant will let us in and maybe the thieves spilled out the bucket of water and the signal flag might have been torn into pieces.

Bridgett: Pauline do you have a glow stick?

Pauline: Yes, so I’ll go to the dark sewer, Bridgett will fix up another signal flag, and Sasha will fill up another bucket of water. Then when we’re done, we go at the front of Soda Pop Shop.

(BB and Friends goes to their task)

20 minutes later…….

Sasha: There’s Pauline!

Bridgett: Finally! Are you okay?

Pauline: Yeah I am!

Sasha: We gave our things to our parents. You?

Pauline: Yeah I did and I think I know who did this.

Bridgett/Sasha: WHO?!

Pauline: *low voice* the Black Widow from Counterfeit and Gretchen from Cryptids.

Sasha: How’d you know?

Bridgett: I think I know how to catch them.

Pauline: *low voice* How?

Bridgett: *low voice* we wear black hoods and give back the 3 things to the Early Poptropicans. Then Black Widow and Gretchen might show up at night and get it again, but we will be inside the house near the pig.

Sasha: *low voice* okay and I have3 black jackets in my backpack and they have hoods.

Pauline: *low voice* I’ll get our stuffs.

3 minutes later…..

Pauline: Okay let’s go.

(BB and Friends gives back the 3 things and hides at a house)

(At night)

Bridgett: I see Black Widow. Now I see Gretchen. Ready set GO!

(BB and Friends tied Black Widow and Gretchen in a BIG sack)

(Bridgett gives the big sack to the police and they were just in time for the concert)

Little Penguin: Fun day for BB and Friends. Now you see what I mean?

Audience #1: Yup.

Little Penguin: Here’s an Epilogue.

At the jail in Counterfeit Island…

Black Widow: Where are we?

Police: Take a guess?

Gretchen: NOOO!!!!! We are back in JAIL!!!!!!

Police: And this time you’ll never escape!

Black Widow: And why is that?

Police: Don’t you notice that you foot is in chains?

Black Widow: *looks down* we know poptropicans who can help us!

Police: I don’t think so.

Gretchen: Again why?


Gretchen: Why again?

Police: They all loved Early Poptropica and they don’t want anyone to ruin the place. So know they hate you guys! HAHA!

Little Penguin: That’s what they get! So bye poptropicans!

EPISODE 3: Time Tangled Nightmare

Date Made: 3/28/12

LP: Hey, poptropicans!

Audience #1: What took you so long to write another episode?

LP: I’m super busy .

Audience #1: Then why can’t you change your busy schedule?

LP: Alright. Do you want to see the episode or you’re just gonna keep asking me questions and stuffs?!

Audience #1: Sorry. I just miss the episodes.

LP: OKAY! Sorry. This thing is just making me stress. Now let’s watch the episode.

(Bridgett jumps down from her blimp and runs home)

Bridgett: HEY MOM!

Bridgett’s Mom: Hey Bridgett, how was school?

Bridgett: Mom I’m not 7 anymore. You don’t need to keep asking me that.

Bridgett’s Mom: Oh alright. Anyways there was a mail for you. From Time Tangled in the Future.

Bridgett: *grabs the mail* I wonder who would send me a mail from the future?

Bridgett’s Mom: Read it and maybe an adventure might come.

(Bridgett goes to her room and read the letter)

Dear young Bridgett,

           Visit me in the future. I need your help. Come alone.

-The Old Bridgett

Bridgett: *to herself* I wonder why older me wants me to come alone?

Next Day…

Bridgett: MOM! DAD! I’m gonna go to the Future. I’ll be here maybe at night.

Bridgett’s Dad: Just don’t come home before 8.

Bridgett: Awww COME ON! Please take the curfew away!

Bridgett’s Dad: Alright. As long as your safe.

(Bridgett jumps to her blimp and flies to Time Tangled Island)

(Bridgett goes inside Pendulum’s Lab)


Random Lady: Are you looking for Professor Pendulum?

Bridgett: Yes.

Random Lady: He’s not here. He’s on a vacation. Me and my other partner are taking care of his lab while he’s away.

Bridgett: Okay. Is it okay for me to visit the future?

Random Lady: Sure. Follow me.

(Bridgett follows the lady)

Random Lady: Here you go just step inside.

(Bridgett steps inside the future machine)

(In the future)

Bridgett: *to herself* It’s been a long time since I went here.

(Bridgett goes to her sky home)

Bridgett: *shouting* OLD BRIDGETT!

(Bridgett goes all the way to the left)

?: Bridgett. I’ve been expecting you.

Bridgett: Who are you?!

(The lights went off)

Bridgett: *shouts* WHERE ARE YOU?!

(The lights came back on)

(Bridgett sees this girl)

The girl looks like LP (but it’s not LP)

Bridgett: Who are you ? ! What do you want ?

Girl : I don’t need anything . I just need some answers and you older won’t give me those answers !

Bridgett : SHE’S OLD ! She doesn’t remember much about my life . So leave her alone !

Girl : As you wish , but I’m not leaving you alone .

Bridgett : WHO ARE YOU ? !

Girl : The time will come when you’ll find out . *Disappears*

(Bridgett sees older Bridgett in the couch)

Bridgett : Older B ! Are you okay ? !

Older Bridgett : I’m fine . She was asking me about you or me when you are in your age . She was asking me where will you or I will go next . Like which island you’ll go to and stuffs . She sounded like she’s going to like . .

Bridgett : Like what ?

Older Bridgett : Like , *sigh* kill you .

Bridgett : *gasp* I think I haven’t seen the last of her . Are you sure your okay ? Can I leave you right now ?

Older Bridgett : I’m fine . Yes . You can go now . Bye , Younger B !

Bridgett : *running outside* BYE !

(Bridgett rides the monorail train . Then all of a sudden the monorail train stops and the lights went off)

Bridgett : HELLO ? ! ANYONE ? ! HELPPP ! ! *some poptropican punched her* *faints*

LP : That’s all we have . Sorry of I took SUPER LONG on making this episode . The story just slipped out of my head . Sorry . Well stay tune for Episode 4 !

  1. three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan

    I think you left out a part in Episode 2. Brigdett asks what’s for breakfast then she says yay my favourite :P.

  2. three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan

    What’s STM mean?

  3. pauline in episode two,her dress.its just like mine 😆

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