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It’s been a while since I posted. Looking back at this blog, I feel a bit embarrassed. I’ve matured a lot since then. I don’t go on Poptropica any more, but I suppose that this blog was barely related to Poptropica, despite the name.

Seriously, though, I feel very embarrassed. I doubt I’m not alone on this matter.

Also, I’m on tumblr now, reblogging memes and stuff. I don’t feel all that comfortable just posting my url (especially since it’s a  m e s s), but I’ll share it privately.


bi the way, i’m bi af


Enjoy this picture of a c o o l  d o g.



kill me plesa fuckign gkill me dcend my sufeirng

i odnt want to be alvir ples let me die








A Day In Paris Part 3

burglar: everybody fucking freeze

roseanne: fuck you

burgler: [shoots roseanne]

crystal: [blokccs the shot] oh shit guys i’m dying and suddenly harold’s name is now madison and i’m a lesbian and madison please forgive me for all my sins bye [dies]

roseanne: asshole you killed my friend [bits his fingers off]

burglar: ahhhh

police, jake and isabella arrive

they arrest the burglar

jake and isabella: th fuc

roseanne: she died very sad i am crying and upset

crystal: jk guys i’m not another dead lesbian and i healed in the hosptail

the end