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New Author Contest

Since Marcie is leaving we need one new person to fill in her spot. To apply you’ll need a wordpress account and a poptropica account. You can’t cuss on here, so no words more serious than c**p. (I’m fine with writing the word but just incase you don’t like it) You should also have decent grammar and spelling. To apply comment on this post with a story about a paragraph long or a link to one you made, and a kid friendly blog you have. You also need a good attitude. Bye!



Hey Guys, NG here. I know what your thinking “Oh no NG’s leaving the blog!” well this time youre right. I have to leave all my blogs.

School: I have too much work to have time to get on here often. I’m already behind and it’s the start of the second semester.
Interest: I haven’t really been sparked to come back here alot.
Distractions: Minecraft, Happy Wheels, PewDiePie, PS3, ect.

So as you can see I just don’t have time. Now your thinking “NG if you have time to play all those games you have time to come on here!” well no I don’t. I’ve stopped playing those games much more. I study an hour a day because i’m failing math. 8th grade Magnet Program Algebra 1 Honors is pretty hard for me. Math is my worst subject. But dont worry i’ll still come check in. I get email about when a new post comes on. I’ll talk with LP on Facebook and WW on DeviantART. You guys can keep playing as my roleplay charecters but I won’t be anymore. Same with Artemis’ hunters. I’ll miss you guys.

Well I guess this is bye.

Peace out~ Marcie

8O :O :D 8D


Yes. That is a movie.


*ahem* Sorry about that… 😀

(Well, it only took them about 3 years xD)

So happy :mrgreen:



Harry Potter Memes… :D

Well, there are quite a few people around here (including me :P) who are Harry Potter fans so…

…I found memes :D.

(Link if picture doesn’t show up:









That’s all the ones I felt like putting here… 😛