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Random Story

Rose ran up the stairs to her sister Paige’s room. She had a message to give to her sister. Paige opened her door and took the envelope gingerly; then she shut the door. Sitting on her bed she opened the letter. It had the royal gold wax seal, whereas her family, although it was noble, had a red seal. Paige looked at the content; she felt a horrible pain in her heart. Her beloved prince was going to marry fancy Delilah Francesca de Maralezelle. She pushed open her french door to the roof; and she broke into a heart wrenching song.

I wonder why I wished on a star
When my love was oh-so far.
Why would he love me,
Even if I so love thee?
I fear it is time to flee,
Oh but what about the horrible sights I see?
I hope he is safe for me

Paige grabbed a silver knife from a bench and sang one more line of the song. “This is to save thee.” She thrust it into her heart as Rose ran to her from behind a fig tree, screaming. As Paige started to slip away from the world Rose grasped her slim wrist. Then Rose traveled into her memories.

Rose saw what her sister saw and thought. Delilah, holding a knife and looking greedily at the prince; Paige’s plan to kill herself so maybe, the prince would feel sorrow for breaking his lover’s heart and her will to live, and he would cancel the wedding which was a trap. She also saw many other memories and thoughts, many she would not confide.

~The End~
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Sorry and Outfit Ideas!!

So sorry it took me so long to get back here. ive been busy with school and other dramatic stuff.  my depressed state is over so that helps alot. 🙂 anyways i’m back and i got some new outfit ideas from watching PewDiePie. These are only for girls so here we go:

Stephano outfit:


Jennifer outfit:


Piggieh outfit:


Mr. Chair outfit:

  <—- well there wasn’t really anything on polyvore for that so just try to follow the looks here.

Barrels outfit:


Bro outfit:


Well that’s all. For you guys who don’t know who PewDiePie is, he’s a famous, Swedish youtuber who plays horror games. He’s mostly known for his Happy wheels (not a horror game) and Amnesia game series. He’s really funny and you should check him out! But beware, he says inaproppiate things and curses!

Well, baaaiii!!!


New story

So I made a new story- The Millers. Here is a summary.

The Millers are 7 girls, a mother, and a father who is always away at the gold mines. The Miller girls have many jobs; sewing, candle making, baking, and herb collecting; sometimes even more. Their house is at the edge of the forest, near a tiny town. They have a 1 story house, not including the attic and the basement. Taking place in the 1920’s their most modern things are their radio and fridge. All the girls are wearing their favorite color

Oliver Joseph Miller (Father)


Job:Gold miner

Color: Navy blue

Sally-Anne Rose Miller (Mother)


Job: Sewer, knitter


Julianna “Julia” Nicole Miller (1st born)


Job: Baker (raspberry buns)

Color:Baby blue

Jessica Daisy Miller(2nd)

Age: 15

Job: herb collector

Color: lavender

Miranda Elizabeth Miller (3rd)

Age: 14

Job: Baker (Raspberry buns)

Color:Dark green

Selena Rosalie Miller (4th)

Age: 13

Job: Sewer

Color: Red

Leslie Fern Miller (5th but twins with Riley)


Job: Candle making

Color: Slightly dark green

Riley June Miller (6th but only 10 minutes apart from Leslie)

Age: 11

Job: Candle making


Lucy Florence “Flora” Miller


Job: Baker (Oatmeal cookies)



The Millers:


Hi guyyyys… sign up for the pony roleplay… Bye…


I’m pretty sure the bearded guy is Snape…



Hi guys! I had a great birthday party! I got a load of stuff XD LUNAII LINK: for the header. Anyway present list: MLP castle& Rarity, Twilight(my costume), Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie. Pink iPad case, lip balm and lipstick. Bag, leggings, socks. LPS playhouse, and 1 book I already have and one book I ordered 1 week before the gift. So what should I doooooooooooo?! With the books. *Sigh* Anyway for free idea costumes for the header: Fox? Mermaid? Fairy? Angel? Dark Angel? Vampire? Witch or Wizard? Snape?  Greek or Roman person? Butterfly?  Nymph?  Little Red Riding Hood? But I’m Twilght Sparkle XP. I was going to be an angel but oh well. And if all else fails dress up as your self for Halloween. I made some stories, I won’t continue them, exept the Den 1 (edited). So here. Love and Lost ShyFire The Last Step  They were for a writing project but I want to share them. 🙂 And ending with a quote by Mr. Ronald Bilius Weasley: “Seriously good haul this year”

Me for the header :P

Well, I’m going as a devil!

So here’s my Lunaii:

Your Lunaiis need to be in their Halloween costumes, because this is going to be a Halloween Header XP

Alright…that’s all I have to say :3


Header (UPDATED!)

K guys, so I’m making a new header, yadda yadda yadda and all that…

But I’ve decided something.

It won’t be our Pop. characters, I’m just going to make Lunaiis. So just comment your costume in the comments ASAP so I can get this header on the road 😛

And also, I think we should clean this place up.

Like some of the pages? They gotta go.

And also, SF, what do we have to do to become an admin on this blog?

So yeah…just comment your costume and I’ll get on it ASAP!

SF: 20 posts, you might have 20.I’ll check. My lunaii will have a black ponytail, brown eyes and where black&white. ^^
SF: I just checked: you have 8. BS has 9 and MS has 13


Okay, so I was looking at the header, and I realized that it’s pretty old, and we need a new one.

SO, I was wondering if it was okay for me to make a new one?

It’ll be Halloween themed, if that’s okay, because now it’s October and Halloween is approaching XD

So could all the editors/admins comment their Poptropica usernames, or put a link to your Poptropican in their Halloween costume? I’d appreciate it.

I already have a background in mind…so that won’t be necessary.

Also, can editors change the heading?

If not, SF, I can post the header and you can change it. Hope that’s okay!

~Golden Fire~
SF: Well, you can email it to me or another admin. Or post it. I think Lunaiis would be better tho. But my pop user is snsdbb.

GF to SF: If you want Lunaiis we can use Lunaiis…now i’m starting to think it WOULD be easier…so I’ll make a new post :3


I think Brittany is back…