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I`m Back!! Again….

So yes I know . ivebeen gone for awhile! reason: coputer broke. AGAIN!! so sorry for leaving you guys for like a month. also i might not reply to your comments unless i can find them. cause the message bar thingy isnt loading. so all i wanted to say is that i wil be posting now that i`m back on. also i might get anew deviantart. not very happy with the one i have. i`ll update this when i get it.

Peace out!! 😉 ~NG



I’m writing a Harry Potter fanfic on

Here’s the link if you wanna read it!

Please leave reviews 🙂


AFRO GUY!!! if you want to track the Afro Guy (Mehhh just click it :P)


I have a feeling GF and CT are gonna like it… 😛

UPDATE: Comments on a YouTube video (before ACTUAL Pentatonix) (

My Little Pony ponies

I am changing TT’s to diamonds.














^ Twilight Twinkle











^ Softie Sweet



My ponies for the MLP Roleplay

Here’s Apple Sorbet:


And here’s Apple Cream:


Hope you guys like them!

Oh, and they have southern accents like Applejack, too :3


My Little Pony Roleplay

To do the roleplay fill in this form:

 Name (don’t do something like Nina, make it like: Nice Nina, or Happyhoof):

 Status; Girls: Mare (older, Rainbow Dash’s age), Filly(Apple Bloom’s age). Boys: Stallion (older) or colt(young):


 Cutie mark (optional):

 Job (if older):



 Type; Earth pony, pegasus, unicorn or pegasus unicorn:

 Extra information:

 Pet(s) (2 at most per pony):



For information about cutie marks and other stuff visit


Name (don’t do something like Nina, make it like: Nice Nina, or Happyhoof): Twilight Twinkle

Status; Girls: Mare (older, Rainbow Dash’s age), Filly(Apple Bloom’s age). Boys: Stallion (older) or colt(young): Mare

Personality: Smart, kind, Pretty much the same personality as Twilight Sparkle

Cutie mark (optional):3 Pearls (represents wisdom, since wisdom is priceless, and she is smart)

Job (if older): Works at apothecary (pharmacy) as Zecora’s assistant, sell’s potions Zecora makes, and buys rare supplies in town to give to her.

House: The 2 top floors in the 3 floor pharamacy

Appearance: Gray body, periwinkle eyes, blonde hair with a touch of pink,purple, blue and teal

Type; Earth pony, pegasus, unicorn or pegasus unicorn: Pegasus unicorn

Extra information: Has younger sister named Softie Sweet, Twilight Sparkle’s descendant,

Pet(s) (2 at most per pony):a bichon named: Poofle

Nickname(s): Wink, Winkle, TT, Stinkle

Quick Profile for background characters:







Name: Softie Sweet

Status: Filly

Appearance: Blonde, white body,periwinkle eyes

Home: Same as Twilight Twinkle

Extra: No cutie mark yet, Twilight’s only/younger sister, like Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie

Comment your pony(ies)!

TO describe TT’s hair, it is like:








Short Story Ideas…?

I had an idea! 😀 What if we came up with a scenario for a story but we all wrote a short story about our perspectives on what happened? :3

My mind is a little blank at the moment (xD) so if you have ideas, out them in the comments. :3



Umm… is anyone following me?

See I went to my Yahoo! E-mail, and I saw that I had, like, a bunch of followers on Polyvore!! So I didn’t know who they were becuase I have no friends or contacts on Yahoo. And I dont know your guy’s polyvore names so I was wondering, are you guys following me? well that’s all.

Peace out!! 😉 ~NG

SF: what’s ur polyvore user? Mine is snsdbb