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If you are on devianART, here is my name so you can find me: Animehuntress11 And if you want to see my comment signiture, here it is!:

98% of girls would die if Justin Bieber burst into flames. I am part of the 2% sitting there with marshmallows and enjoying it! 😀 :3


About Maria Corbin

Hi there! I assume you want to find out more about me since your reading this. Anyways, I am a Hunter of Artemis as May Li and a freaky awesome demi-god! Most of the time i`m known as Nice Ghost, a poptropican who is goth and dark half of the time and tries to dress anime the other half...though that`s very hard! I dont have many friends from any blogs exept Brave Tomato, kind of, not much. I am a really wierd person! Don`t be a hater towards the wierd people! A world without wierd people is like vanilla ice cream with out sprinkles! It`s just a sweet blob that`s all boring and melting all over your hands and getting your hands all sticky and when you shake other people`s hands then thier hands are gonna be all sticky and soon everyone`s hands are are gonna be all sticky from the hand shaking! (panting) I can draw pretty good anime. I just have trouble with the shading. Sadly. I love Hetalia!! Ve~ if you dont know what hetalia is look it up dammit! Well I think thats all for now. byyyye!!!!!

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  1. SF AKA Tina,Claudia,BB and Lillith

    Me too! And my whole 4th grade class. (During Vocab) Teacher: Headline, like… The headline of the day is… Justin Bieber is Marring Selena Gomez…! Every kid: EWWWWWWW (fake barf)

  2. Three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan

    Meh I don’t really like him but I hate when people say “I hate him! he’s so stupid!”. People, all you could say would be “Meh, I don’t really like him :\…”

    (Sorry if I offended some of you!! :oops:)

  3. What do you do in DevianART ? I know it’s something about art , but like do you post pics , draw , or something artsy ? Anyways , I dun’ like Justin Bieber , but I like some of his songs .

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