Please stop leaving me a loner!!

See…. i`m just depressed becuase everytime i go on xat, nobody but me is on. i just feel lonley. i know that it`s the timezones but i get sad. well that`s all!! sorry if this was a wasted post!!

About Maria Corbin

Hi there! I assume you want to find out more about me since your reading this. Anyways, I am a Hunter of Artemis as May Li and a freaky awesome demi-god! Most of the time i`m known as Nice Ghost, a poptropican who is goth and dark half of the time and tries to dress anime the other half...though that`s very hard! I dont have many friends from any blogs exept Brave Tomato, kind of, not much. I am a really wierd person! Don`t be a hater towards the wierd people! A world without wierd people is like vanilla ice cream with out sprinkles! It`s just a sweet blob that`s all boring and melting all over your hands and getting your hands all sticky and when you shake other people`s hands then thier hands are gonna be all sticky and soon everyone`s hands are are gonna be all sticky from the hand shaking! (panting) I can draw pretty good anime. I just have trouble with the shading. Sadly. I love Hetalia!! Ve~ if you dont know what hetalia is look it up dammit! Well I think thats all for now. byyyye!!!!!

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  1. Three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan

    What’s you timezone? Maybe we could figure out a timezone for evryone to get on.

  2. yeah. whenever i go on there people are on there

  3. We usually go on WS chat or QS chat.

  4. Bronze Starfish

    Try to find out your timezone, and most people are on from 12-11 Central (My time) So.. Yeah, that’s the only way I know what time to go on 😀

    • Nice Ghost AKA May Li

      i think i`m in PDT but i dont know that # one.

      • Bronze Starfish

        What time is it for you now? If you’re online, TS, LM, and I are on ;D You’re welcome to come anytime, NG!

      • Nice Ghost AKA May Li

        9:00 am. here.

      • Bronze Starfish

        Ok. 🙂 You shouldn’t go on too late , 10 your time, cuz it’s midnight for me (and TS) it’s 1:00 for WW, and it’s the same time for MS, FS, and ST. (Other ppl around there) oh yeah and abella’s time is the same. but i dont know everyone’s so yeah. Go on TS, LM, WW, and I are on there X3

      • Nice Ghost AKA May Li

        ok just a sec

      • Bronze Starfish


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