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You know you’re an EXTREME Potterhead…


You know that you’re an EXTREME Potterhead…

If the word “always” carries more weight than the word “love” ❤

If you’ve read the series more than once…or twice…or three times.

If you rewatch the movies over and over again.

If you have a collectible Harry Potter wand.

If the Harry Potter theme song is stuck in your head 24/7

When you put “Sirius,” not “Serious.”

When you call bad hair days “Hermione Hair Days.”

When someone asks you what your weapon of choice is, you say, “A wand.”

When you get married, insead of saying “I do,” you want to say, “Always.”

If you bake a cake on July 31st that says “Happy Birthday Harry” on it.

When you watch the movies, you cry even though you already know what’s going to happen.

When your teacher mentions Harry Potter, and everyone looks at you.

When the worst thing someone can call you is a Muggle.

When you read the word ridiculous, “Riddikkulus.”

When on April Fools Day, all you can think about is Fred and George Weasley.

And finally…

You know you’re an extreme Potterhead…if you believe in magic ❤



Heeeeyy :3

Hi everybody!!!!!!!!! It’s Gee Eff XD I’m now an editor on this blog, and super excited about it!

So, I really don’t have anything else to say :3




So I was on and on the bottem it said

Multi: AWZ65

So I went and this is what I found

 No he’s not blinking, and I don’t think there is such thing as NO MOUTHES!!

so I got freaked out I don’t know how ND (Nice Dragon) did that, but what ever they stayed like that!!

Peace out!! 😉 ~NG

Header Explaination

I changed the header. Not drastically though. I put SBC POPTROPICA STUFF on it. If anyone doesn’t like it (especialally you SF), please tell me and if a lot of people don’t want it (or just SF) I’ll put it back.


Ok this is kinda late because i didn’t pay attention, but SOMEONE KICKED ME OFF TAF!! I will not start pointing fingers because i suck at guessing so all i just want to ask is who did it and that was messed up. that`s all. you don’t have to add me back on, but i just was kinda mad that this acually happened to me. it`s the first time soo yeah. that`s all.

Peace out!! 😉 ~NG

Wait why is this happy? probably because i’m just a calm person.

QS: dude. FS had to kick everyone off. check your email 😛

So I decided to make some new memes

As it says. I made this one becuase I was onFacebook and I went to wish and this was on the home page:

And this one becuase of GF:

So that`s all. These are my first memes and i`m really happy with them.

Peace out!! 😉 ~NG

WOAH. 0.o

Woah. I just got freaked out. So I was just looking for some random anime drawings to inspire me. Since i`m back from boring camp. It sucked. Anyways….. I typed in anime colored drawings and this was the 7th to show up in images:

 So i got freaked out and decided to investigate. and i wanted to ask FS, Is this your`s? Becuase you`re the only one i know who uses Katie Star.

Peace out!! 😉 ~NG

You Can Do Something (I’m Not Kidding)

(Okay, suckish title. I don’t care.)

Did you ever realize that there are only three companies in the world, who control all the other companies, which basicly control us? And did you ever realize that our world is almost falling apart? The people who are n charge of everything don’t care about our planet, just money. So that pretty much means our world is falling apart. So we need to change. And how? By buying things made out of recycled material? (That kind of helps. Just don’t stop there.) You know you can do a lot more, right? But how?

Just click the link:

(You can watch The Story of Stuff and The Story of Broke first, so that might help you understand things better.)

Well, you’ve watched that. And by the way I know all of you you’re probably thinking a little like me by now ( :P).

So how can you do things to help? Dude, we have blogs like this. Just write. Right now. That’s the first step anyway. Get more people involved. Tell people what’s actually going on in our world. Seriously. DO SOMETHING. You’re here for a purpose. Maybe not this one fully, but you can help. I mean it. Go do something. The world belongs to you too. You don’t have sit back and wait.


For FS

So FS said she was back (I think) and that she wanted a welcome back present, soooo I made just that!! here it is!! Hope you like it FS!!! Welcome Back! hope you had a fun time in San Diego!

I don`t know who the people are. I just made the outfits like that.

Well that`s all!! Welcome back FS!

Peace out!! 😉 ~NG

This is how to find me:

If you are on devianART, here is my name so you can find me: Animehuntress11 And if you want to see my comment signiture, here it is!:

98% of girls would die if Justin Bieber burst into flames. I am part of the 2% sitting there with marshmallows and enjoying it! 😀 :3