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I Might Be Quitting Xat/WordPress

I have my reasons. So before you freak out at me, listen to my reasons 😦 .

1. So much freaking drama! With Krimsy, fake people, Brittany.. And I think CD is mad at me .-.

Krimson, causes a lot of drama. Brittany made LP very mad .-. , and CD, it just seems like it..

2. I need a new cell phone.

Yes, that may sound selfish, and I am not. Trust me. It’s just, I NEED one. I’m going to middle school after summer, which is in another town Dx! And.. Let’s say, it’s dangerous like 2 cities away from I live which is only 15 minutes away, so you never know..

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The Dog I am with.



20120628-192217.jpg For the last picture I used an app to give him glasses. His name is Chuck and he is a Pomapoo. He is my Aunt’s but where she moved with her family only allowed 2 dogs and they have 3 so they gave him to my uncle, but my Grandparents dog sit. I am at my Grand Parents house.

For WW, this is VERY late

For college story…

I made a blog for it! Oh, and NG can your girl be addicted to red drinks? Comment on this post and make a charcter if you haven’t! Post your picture of your character on the blog please. And make the page : Students your parent page for your character. Everyone is an editor! Oh, I will post a new version of my girl, and pick bed 1 or 2

Reading Books Are Fun XD (to me XD)

Okay, I got two new books yesterday. The first one called A Girl, A Ghost, And The Hollywood Hills. I’m almost done reading it!!! And the second one is the first Hunger Games. X3 But I won’t talk about HG. I’m gonna talk about the first book. X3


I just LOVE this book. I’m gonna read you the blurb of it. :3

Blurb: It’s winter break, and Holly has come home from boarding school to face her dad’s new girlfriend, Claudia-who also happens to be her mom’s sister. Gross. Holly’s mom died less than a year ago, and Claudia has taken over her movie production company, her house, and now her husband. Then, the ghost of Holly’s mother appears, claiming that Claudia murdered her. Holly vows to avenge her mother’s death no matter what is takes, but as the stakes get higher, she starts to wonder: What does the ghost really want from her, and why? Throw in an adorable college guy named Oliver, an all-night house party with a pack of Australian surfers, and a shopping disaster on Rodeo Drive, and you wind up with a Hamlet-inspired ghost story unlike any other.

It has cussing in it, so I recommend it for people (strongly for girls) in middle school and up. (Yes, a 10-year old is reading this book. Deal with it.)

I’m really enjoying it. After reading this, it’s time to read Hunger Games. X3






Happy Birthday, Massive Singer ! !

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,


Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, MS! She’s such an awesome friend 😀 She was even voted for TAF President 😀 She made me laugh, made me happy, and well, she made me have fun everyday on Xat and on WordPress Blogs. Please greet her “Happy Birthday” because she deserves it! She deserves a day of happiness 😀

Thank you so much MS for everything.  Being my friend, being kind to me, making me laugh and have fun, and well, EVERYTHING! Thank you, thank you so much, MS! Again, Happy Birthday and have the best day ever 😀


I fail


: P

This is xat.


Title says it all

BTW SO SORRY FOR DOUBLE POSTING!!!! i wont do it again

House Of Anubis Outfit ! !

So, remember the House of Anubis episodes I did before? Well I did a mix and match with outfits I saw and I actually made a Poptropica Version of the House of Anubis Uniform! Wanna see it? Here it is!

^I tried my best (:

Here’s how you get the look:

Hair/Color: My hair color is blonde (I mixed the white and yellow drinks from 24 Carrot). My hair is from the Vampire Girl 1 Costume.

Lips: Pop Star Costume

Tie: Multiplayer Rooms (Does anyone know where it’s from?)

Top: Tower Prep Ad (Go to

Skirt: Tower Prep Ad (Go to

Okay, that’s it. I hope you guys like it (: