House of Anubis, Chapter 3


Downstairs, in the living room, Fabian and Nina keep smiling at each other. Then Patricia walks in saying, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT CREEP WON’T GIVE ME JOY’S HOME NUMBER!” and she sat down in a chair near Nina. Patricia said, “At least she should get her stuffs back the day after tomorrow.” Mara said, “That’s good. You’ll be able to ring her then.” Patricia smiled and look at Nina who was reading a magazine and she said to her “I know you’ve got something to do with this newbie, and I’m gonna find out what it is.” Nina said, “So you’ve mentioned.” Then she mutters, “10 times.” Patricia asked, “What did you say?!” Nina answered, “Nothing.” At Victor’s office, Victor was trying to break Joy’s phone and he burned Joy’s picture and teddy bear.

At night, Mick went inside Amber and Mara’s room and said, “Hi guys.” Amber was putting make up and she turned around and said, “Mick, I only got one eye on!” Mick said, “You’re still pretty the same way.” Amber said, “Aww, thanks Mick and its sweet of you to come see me.” Mick said, “Actually it’s NC who I came to see.” Mara said, “Me?!” Mick said, “Yeah, I am kinda struggling with that biology assignment and I wanted, since you’re the Biology Girl, would you help me out?” Mara answered, “Umm…Yeah sure. Why not? A friend in need. Tomorrow evening?” Mick said, “It’s a date. Uh, in a manner of speaking.” Then he turned around to Amber and said, “Catch you later Amber.” Then he left the room. While Mick was talking to Mara, Amber at the back, was shocked and had a kinda jealous face. When Mick left, Amber gave Mara a “why did you do that” look and Mara said, “What?! You want him to fail biology?!” Amber answered, “Probably not, but why doesn’t he ask me to help him with his homework?” Mara smiled at her and Amber said, “Okay, but I don’t like him asking another girl, even when it’s you.” Mara said, “BS! Relax! He only wants me for my brains. And you! You’re expert gorgeous. He’s crazy about you.” Amber said, “Yeah, you’re right. As usual. After all, was not to like?” At the main hallway Victor shouted, “IT’S TEN O’ CLOCK! YOU SHOULD BE DOWNSTAIRS BY NOW, MR. CAMPBELL!” Mick said, “Going, going!” Then Victor shouted, “YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES PRECISELY AND THEN I WANT TO HEAR A PIN DROP!” He dropped his pin and shouted, “I CAN STILL HEAR SOMETHING!” Alfie was going down the stairs and he said to Victor “What?! We still got 4 minutes.” Victor gave him an “angry” look and then Alfie ran to his room. At the girls’ bathroom, Patricia was brushing her teeth. She heard Victor shouting and she said, “Okay!! I’m going has fast as I can!” She spitted out the toothpaste and when she looked at the mirror, it said: HELP ME! –JOY. Patricia gasped and ran to Mara and Amber’s room and said, “NC, COME QUICK!” Mara said, “What is it?!” Patricia answered, “JOY!” Patricia, Mara, and Amber starts running to the girls’ bathroom, but before they got there, Nina was in the bathroom. She didn’t notice the writings so she wiped it off. When they got there, Patricia asked, “What are you doing?!” Nina answered, “Cleaning the mirror.” Patricia asked, “Didn’t you see what was on it?!” Nina answered, “Steam?” Patricia said, “She’s wiped it off!” Mara asked, “What did it say?” Patricia answered, “HELP ME! JOY! She’s wiped it off, so now it looks like I’m going crazy!” Mara said, “Take it easy, QS!” Patricia said, “THIS IS WHAT SHE WANTED! SHE’S INVOLVED! I’M TELLING YOU!” Nina said, “I didn’t see anything when I cleaned the steam off except for myself! I swear!” Victor barged in and said, “Why are you girls not in your rooms?! You know the rules.” Patricia said, “I don’t wanna share with Nina!” Nina said, “You know what. I’ll move. Pack my stuffs on the floor or I could just sleep in the couch!” Victor said, “Nobody is moving anywhere! Get to your room immediately.” They all went back to their rooms.


All the students were eating breakfast except Nina. Then Trudy came in the living room and said, “Everyone! We have a surprise for you! Especially for Fabian! Nancy would you come in.” Nancy walks inside the living room and Fabian said, “NANCY! Everyone this is my sister Nice “Nancy” Rutter. You can call her Nancy or NG.” Everyone greeted her. Victor walks inside the living room and said to Nancy, “Nancy, since there are no time to get another bed for you in this house, you will be staying in another house, but you can visit us anytime you like.” After that, Nancy said bye to everyone and went to her other house and everyone sat down the dining table. Then Patricia said, “Joy would definitely call me by now. I’m telling you something has happened to her.” Jerome said, “QS, give it a break. You’re driving me crazy.” Mara said, “Jerome! Some of us are worried about Joy, even if you’re not.” Amber asked, “Did you get any response to that email you sent her last night?”  Patricia answered, “No.” Fabian said, “It’s difficult to know what else we can do.” Patricia said, “Question the newbie! That’s what!” Fabian said, “She has nothing to do with this, QS. She just has really bad timing.” Patricia said, “What about last night? That business with the mirror.” Jerome starts laughing and Patricia said, “What? You don’t believe I saw anything do you?” Amber said, “Yes we do. It’s just Mick saw LZ hanging out in the bathroom last night.” Patricia said, “Not even LZ would have the nerves to sneak into the bathroom and do something like that.” Jerome said, “Are we talking about the same LZ?” Fabian asked, “So who did you think wrote it? Joy?” Patricia said, “I don’t know. Maybe. . Maybe Nina wrote it to try to drive me crazy. Where is she anyway?” Fabian answered, “Got into school early, I think.” Patricia said, “Ohh, so she’s a geek as well as everything else is she?” Fabian said, “I think it’s probably more about getting away from us. I mean, we hardly been welcoming.” Mara said, “I know. I was thinking about that, too. I feel a bit mean.” While Nina was walking, she saw this old woman and said, “Oh, sorry, umm, are you okay?!” Then they sat down in a bench and the old woman pointed at the Anubis house and said, “That’s my house.” Nina said, “Uh.. I don’t think so. It’s a school.” The old woman said, “No, that’s my house.” Nina said, “Okay, it’s your house. Um.. maybe you can tell me where you really live and I can take you back? Oh here!” She took of her jacket and said, “You must be cold” and she put it around the old woman. The old woman said, “It’s you. Isn’t it? I knew you’d come.” Nina said, “I’m sorry, no-“ The old woman said, “Sarah! My name is Sarah.” Nina said, “Okay, Sarah. Why don’t you come inside for a cup of coffee?” Sarah said, “I don’t go in there! He’s waiting! He’s always waiting.” Nina said, “Alright then. Why don’t you just wait here and I’ll bring someone back.” Sarah said, “You’re coming back?!” Nina said, “Yeah, just don’t move.” Then she goes inside the house and Sarah stayed looking worried.


Okay , i guess that’s it for Chapter 3 . BYE ! ! 😀 for now . . .


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  1. Nice Ghost AKA May Li

    Wait what? Am I Nancy? If so, then why does it say “Rutter” Instead of “Ghost” ? If not then i must be going crazy.

  2. Herman Toqem

    Burning stuff? That is just mean.

  3. Herman Toqem

    Why do Fabian and Nina smile at each other?

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