Burning? Flames? :D

We all might think fires are, cool , yet scary.. And dangerous. Well, see what the creators have to say about fire in Poptropolis Games, the new island!

Tuesday, May 8

Is this a eternal flame?

Well, probably not. It’s hard for a flame to burn at the bottom of the ocean. But when the city of Poptropolis re-surfaces every 100 years, the ceremonial torch burns for as long as the competitive fires do!

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Yup, that’s all. I’ll try to keep up on the journal daily.  But, maybe the fire in Poptropolis Games will be fun.. Who knows, we’ll have to wait and see…. *But hopefully, nothing gets ruined.*


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  1. Bronze Starfish aka Bolt Daughter of Zeus

    Selina daughter of poseidon!?

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