Sit around the fire as I try to type on my Kindle Fire…..

I’m going to do a story and I’m thinking of a sort of adventure where the characters compete for a new name because of a old Poptropica/Native American tradition. I need some characters and the people can list the role they really want,and the name of the character. I promised two of my friends in real life roles so there won’t be as many auditions as on might expect on other stories… And now exuse me as I yell at my kindle fire….


About Massive Singer

I'm with my happy family,perfect friends and I cant wait to see happiness and the world unfold around me.I also enjoy Tintin graphic novels and being with my pals.I usually go on Xat and enjoy Poptropica.: ) My friends are Wild Seagull,Clean Tornado,Young Fang,Redfoot,Quick Sponge,some of my real life friends and a couple more. I enjoy eating Takis,cupcakes,pomegranets,malu paan,and a variety of other things.

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  1. Quick Sponge

    hmmmmmm lol im logged out πŸ˜› but i wanna be a part of it!!!!

  2. Quick Sponge

    Hi. πŸ˜›

  3. no,ilikestrawberries


  4. Bronze Starfish aka Bolt Daughter of Zeus

    I want to be part of it, choose my name and person I am, but has to be girl.. (Obviously.)

  5. CAN I BE PART ? ! ? Just use this name Little “Elaina” Penguin . People calls me LP or Elaina . Girl , ofcoursee . You can choose my role πŸ™‚

  6. Can I be in? I`ll be Lazy Jake Moon.

  7. ok. then my name is Lianna Wing

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