My Role Play Character :D

Julie Marie Carter

Daughter Of : Ally Carter , and David Carter.

Sibling: Olivia Jess Carter


Julie is known to be friends with everyone. Might have her ups and downs with people, but that’s still okay for everyone. Anyways, Julie use to be just a simple girl.. Who knows what happened, but she just turned like different… One night she was glowing. Next thing you know she has the power of Water and Invisibility. Her favorite color is blue. Blue Maniac! She was almost had her powers taken away because she was messing around with her powers in school..





***SF Please put on the Role Play page ASAP! 🙂 ***

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I don't really know what to say x.x

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  1. SF AKA Tina,Claudia,BB and Lillith

    I thinkmI made you an editor

  2. Where do you make those charecters?

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