So you got 4 more days till you can be in my story . Like I said it’s about “The Poptropica Version of Hosue of Anubis” . Here are the list of people in the story :

A girl who is smart and many boys likes her – Neat Coyote

A boy who is athletic – STILL OPEN !

A boy who is into Egyptian Mythology and mysteries – Invisible Club

A girl who is a little gothic and sometimes mean – Quick Sponge

2 boys who like to prank people every time – STILL OPEN !

A girl who is such a girly girl – Bronze Starfish

And NG and WW wanted to be part of the story , so I added them . Here are their roles :

White Wolf – A girl who’s shy and quiet , but can be really random at times

Nice Ghost – The sister of the boy who likes Egyptian Mythology

So they suggested those roles , but you cant suggest any roles now . And if there are no boys who wants to be the athletic guy and the 2 pranking guys , i’ll just make a character for them . THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WANTED TO BE IN MY STORY 🙂


About Little Penguin

Hey! My name is Little Penguin. Wait, that's not my real name. It's only my name in my wordpress account and my poptropica name. You'll see my in some poptropica related blogs. Here's something about me: My name is Little Penguin (Call me LP for short). I'm a music lover so don't ask me what's my favorites songs and/or singers cos I have a lot. My favorite colors are purple, yellow, blue, and white. I'm also a book lover. I love reading, blogging, listening to music (duhh.. MUSIC LOVER), using the internet, and going online to POPTROPICA! Like I said before, you'll usually see me in poptropica related blogs. Okay, now BYE ! !

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  1. SF AKA Tina,Claudia,BB and Lillith

    Um, can I be a girl that randomly comes out with a dog?

  2. SF AKA Tina,Claudia,BB and Lillith

    You should ask WS

  3. Invisible Club

    If NG is supposed to be my sister,shouldn’t she be Nice Club or I Invisible Ghost? And in the story, hopefully, is this gonna be a mystery?

  4. three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan

    Oh you should do someone who has a REALLY dark secret :3.

  5. Bronze Starfish aka Bolt Daughter of Zeus

    Your welcome =D Can’t wait for the story XD

  6. Nice Ghost AKA May Li

    Thank you so much!!!!

  7. I`ll be one of the boys who prank people, and my friend, SH, could be the other.

  8. I am not a male but I am willing to take some part of this story. Could you make a role for me? I am very fond of Greek and Egyptian myths, if that could help you make a role for me, you don’t have to take the pieces of information into consideration.

  9. ★ Golden Heart ★

    Umm i’m not male but could i be in the story for the athletic boy? I have a guy character not in use. so umm is it okay?

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