THE MYSTERY ISNT OVER! (aww why does my 20th post have to be like this?)

so ok. we had been saying FS was Krimsy the past few days. then FS had some proof saying that it wasnt her.

BUT ive been getting some proof that she IS krimsy. i’ve been thinking… and the mystery isnt over! comment if you have some proof that she is krimsy or not. or just give your opinion! but im sad cuz i didnt want my 20th post to be about krimsy 😥

NOTE TO KRIMSY ( if krimsy is krimsy): u suck.


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  1. If Krimson is Krimson, I will swear at her some more.

  2. To : FS
    Sorry FS , if im accusing , but im with QS . YOU NEED MORE PROOF , FS ! those proofs you showed us still doesnt make sense . why did FAKE KRIMSY e-mail you her “real name” right after we thought it was YOU who was FAKE KRIMSY ?

  3. She could be her! HR is not an author- hey! I just thought of something! If Krimson has a yahoo email, and HR has one, they could be the same! And any way, maybe FS is Krimson because only then she knew her password, her NEW password, and Krimson knew her account password! And no offense, but it could be um, you know how some people were hacked? I had my revenge. I changed her password, I won’t give it back yet, for saying shut up to me and not apologizing, and her profile location says Las Vegas. Maybe ST? And, take a closer look at that email. It says :
    Yes I am Fierce Star!

    • no,ilikestrawberries

      the “Yes i am Fierce Star!” means that she means that if FS doesnt make a chat for her she will hack her poptropican. not that krimsy IS FS.

  4. three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan

    No, it’s not FS. FS wouldn’t stalk us and swear at us. Krimson is a hacker appararently D:.


    On Poptropica Stuff she said “Im done commenting. bye”
    So maybe she’s going…

  5. Guys. Who knows of a 17 year old who’d admit that they’re a bully? Anybody? Nope.

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