A Little Note To The Admins/Editors On Here…

Admins/Krimson may be done with us, but we can’t be sure.


If you see her on here ignore her. I’m going to make it so people who aren’t on here, their comments have to be approved. So if Krimsy comments something MEAN, don’t approve her comment. OK?


UPDATE: I think Krimson has finally left us alone. But if she says anything mean to her just ignore her still. But I don’t think that’ll have tio happen. Thank goodness… 🙂

When you read this please sign your name at the below:

no,ilikestrawberries (QS)

White Wolf

Shy Fire

Little Penguin 😀


About Three273 (AKA Redfoot of RiverClan)

Oh hey! I didn't know people usually take the time to read these!! (Well, I don't usually, anyway.) I play Poptropica, Minecraft, Pokemon (Fire Red right now but I'm going to play Emerald soonish), and Club Penguin. I like butter and bacon and potates and pie. mostly pie. You ca't beat pie.

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  1. no,ilikestrawberries

    eaqt hacked Krimsy’s email -.-

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