Wasnt Me, Proof (Pictures), Story, And Who Krimson Really Is (part 1)

Ugh, it seems you girls (and guys) know one part of the story.

So some of you are saying that Krimson is me.

It turns out that you’re wrong.

Heres the rest of the story:

Krimson isnt me. The tracker is real but it looks fake. Look, all of you say that Krimson is my stalker. You’re correct. Krimson is my stalker. LOOK! She said that I have to create a xat chat for her. Do ya know why I did it? Because, Krimson emailed me saying that she WILL HACKED MY ACCOUNT forever if I dont create her a chat. I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO! I asked, “Are You Serious, Krimson?” and she wrote back, “Yes”. I didnt want to create a chat for her but i had to cause I DIDNT WANT MY ACCOUNT TO BE HACKED! Fierce Star is my best character ever and I had her since June 2010. I would never give her up. Krimson was on her chat and SHE HACKED ME! I emailed her saying, “HEY KRIMSON! WHY DID YOU HACK ME? I CREATED A CHAT FOR YOU! WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU? I WAS STILL ON WILD SEAGULL’S CHAT! ARE YOU CRAZY KRIMSON? GO AWAY!”. I WAS TRICKED!

I was tricked, and framed. I shouldnt have listened to her. I didnt know that was gonna happen! Well at least she didnt hack Fierce Star but she pretended to be me and now I am stuck! I didnt know what to do!

Krimson is my stalker (like me and someone else said before) and she always checks her computer if i am ever online. Do ya know how i know that? She emailed me telling me that! It was horrible!!!! I didnt know what to do! The pictures below are the proof!

Dont believe me? Heres the proof:



These pictures are from hours ago.




About Emma AKA Fierce Star

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  1. FS , how would she know your password ?

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