LOOK! + Krimson sent me an email! O.O Her email is krimsoneverred@yahoo.com by the way.



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  1. three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan


  2. Agreed Three! Sasha is quite fashionable and how can she hate Curious Bee!? She is Sasha’s stalker,Sasha should report it somehow,thanks for posting evidence of the email Sasha

  3. Golden Fire AKA Aqua, demigod daughter of Poseidon

    You should e-mail her back xD

  4. ★Brave Tomato★

    0.o wow, someone liked CB so much he/she tried to make a cyber bully out of her. Uh-oh…

  5. ★Brave Tomato★

    0.0 What the heck?? Don’t y’all turn your heads at me cause I’m her character creator. *hmm* Is she the same person who imitates Krimson in multiverses?

  6. Bronze Starfish aka Bolt Daughter of Zeus

    I know shes just a fake person looking for attention. 🙂

  7. why would she say your outfit sucks?! its awesome

  8. Hey, I am a guy AND your outfit is actually pretty good.

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