Aria’s New Look

So I decided to change Aria’s look into something better . So here it is :





Aria Sablan

Daughter of : Henry Sablan and Alyssa Sablan

Siblings : None

Description : Aria is a fairy . She is 14 years old . She has the power of love , beauty , water , and fire . She’s usually human every day . Her hobbies are flying , reading , helping other fairies , and practicing her powers . Aria is one of those fairies who helps one another . Her favorite color is blue and white . She goes to school at the High School Fairy Academy . 😀


About Little Penguin

Hey! My name is Little Penguin. Wait, that's not my real name. It's only my name in my wordpress account and my poptropica name. You'll see my in some poptropica related blogs. Here's something about me: My name is Little Penguin (Call me LP for short). I'm a music lover so don't ask me what's my favorites songs and/or singers cos I have a lot. My favorite colors are purple, yellow, blue, and white. I'm also a book lover. I love reading, blogging, listening to music (duhh.. MUSIC LOVER), using the internet, and going online to POPTROPICA! Like I said before, you'll usually see me in poptropica related blogs. Okay, now BYE ! !

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