Golden Sun’s BIG Adventures!

Episode 2: Going To The Wild Of The West Side

TH: -sigh Are we there yet?

GS: Not quite. *looks out over the blimp’s basket* We’re over Wimpy Wonderland, so about 1 more hour.

TH: -groan- Hurry up!

FB: It’s not her fault! This thing only goes 15 miles per hour!

FS: Yep.

TH: Whatever…

GS: *rolls eyes* Okay, Miss Snappy.

TH: HUSH! I’m taking a nap! *lies down on her side with a pink blanket*

GS: *laughes a little* See you in an hour! *looks at gas meter*

GS: Uh oh.. *looks at her friends* Girls! Hold on tight! We’re out on empty!

FS: *puts away DSi and grabs parachutes for her and her friends*

FB: Trusty! Wake up!

TH: -moan- But I don’t want to!

GS: Trusty, we’re going to crash!

TH: *sits up quickly* I’m up!

*The 4 friends put on parachutes, then they jump off and watch as the blimp crashes to the ground*

GS: I’m so grounded…

FB: Don’t worry! Just tell your parents what happened!

GS: Okay. *grabs out her sketchpad and starts scribbling a lake surrounded by a meadow at sunset*

TH: I’m happy I have my clothes!

FS: My DSi is safe!

FB: And my picture of Ghost Rider is safe!

*The friends land on Wild West Island safely. They start to hear a man with a Mexican accent speaking. This man is El Mastichio*

EM: You’ll never stop me, you little girls!

GS: *who is 5’6″ walks up to EM, who is four feet* Are you calling me little?

EM: 😯

To Be Continued…


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  1. three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan

    Picture this: A kinda short red guy says “You little girls will never stop me!”. Then a 5’6 girl walks up and is like “Who’r you calling LITTLE?”. Then that kinda short guy is like this: ” 😯 Uh…I… 😯 holy crap” *runs away screaming* XD

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