Golden Sun’s BIG Adventures!

Episode 1: Golden Recives A Letter..

GS: Guys! I got this in the mail! *hold up an envelope*

FB: Who’s it from? Ghost Rider?

TH: The paper woud be ashes if he wrote it!

FS: *playing on DSi* Uh-huh. *nod*

GS: Well, lets see.. *carefully opens the envelope*

TH: Oh, yay! I have the perfect otfit for Wild West Island! *digs into her bag* Here’ your outfit, Golden! *gives GS a blue and gold cowgirl outfit*

GS: *puts her hair in a bun with a few strands of hair left in her face* Hmm.. somethings missing.. *paints a blue star under her left eye* Perfecto!

TH: Fearless, your outfit! *hands FB an outlaw cowgirl suit*

FB: *grabs it, hesintatly* Gee, thanks.. *puts on* Hmm. I look good.

TH: *hands FS a sheriff  looking cowgirl uniform* Here’s yours!

FS: *pauses her game, puts on her outfit, and continues playing her game*

TH: And this ones mine! *holds a black and pink dress*


TH: Fine! *puts on a pink cowgirl suit* Better?

FB: Way better.

GS: *digs through her bag and grabs 4 guns and pase them out to her friends*

FS: *climb into blimp then pauses her game* C’mon, girls! We got an island to save! *plays game again*

TH, FB, & GS: Okay! *climbs into limp together*

GS: *at controls* Wild West Iland, here we come…

*The blimp swishes in the air as the sun sets*


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  1. GS is actually wearing purple and yellow/gold. 😛

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