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Alright Then


I guess I’ll stay :).


There We Go…

I fixed the pages.

Turns out I forgot to actually put them under that page…


What the Heck…?

I made a page called Admin Pages and put all of our pages (like Clean Tornado’s Page and Lityle Penguin’s Page) under it and put them in order. When I finished, all that was under there was Shy Fire’s Page.

T_T =_=

New Header!

Yup! I made a new header. I wanted to look like I was holding one end and I could only do that with my own account. Everyone is holding the sign.  I also couldn’t  find a pic of LP that was the right size. Bye!

Stay Or Leave?

[Sorry I haven’t been on here much.]

Remember how when I came on here I wasn’t sure if I should stay or leave?

I think the blog is dong really good now, so I might leave.

Ranom Person Who wants me To Stay :P: But…but…what if we want you to stay :cry:?????????

I made a poll. You can vote if you want me to stay or leave.

Well, there you go. And if sometime in the future this blog is doing horrible, I promise you I WILL come back if Shy Fire wants me to.

Shy Fire: Don’t leave! I shall clicky stay!

SF& The Missionesses Ep.4 (EP. 3’s On Da Eppy Page)

FG: Well, uh… hon.. you.. uh…* breathes deeply* well-

SF:- I have to go to Poptropica Boarding School…. Right?

FG: O-O How did you know?

SF: *Pulls out crumpled school brochure and throws on table*

FG: *Stares at paper* I got the invatation without knowing about the school. It turns out my Susannah, my friend.. well her cousin used to work there.

SF: 😡 Still! My friends? My current school? I don’t want to leave them!

FG: Hon…

SF: Fine! I WILL go.

Back at house

SF: *  Dumps stuff in backpack* Hmm… * Tosses in more clothes and less toys* Done!

FG: The boat is here!

view details

SF: Maybe… just maybe it won’t be so bad…



New Story!

Check out the new story I made. It’s called Adventures of Blue Ice. Here’s the link:

Hope you like it and please don’t COPY IT!



I’m back

sorry i haven’t been posting lately. I’ll start posting again!

Check the SF& Missionesses

Check the episodes page. It is there if you click shy Fire’s page

SF & The Missionesses Ep.2

 Shy Fire gasped in sharply. ” No, no! This ca- can’t be true” , she muttered. She walks slowly to the desktop and went to her e-mail site.












 SF clicked the back button a few times until she came to another site: her mother’s mail website.  She was shocked at what it said.