Purple Biker Outfit


This outfit will cost 300 credits or 225 credits for non-members and 0 credits for members.


1. get the biker girl hat and jacket

2. get the purple bangs from a random poptropican.

3. get the gamer girl’s hair or get the shorter version of gamer girl’s hair from the black girl on Cryptids Island.

4. go to mythology island, go inside the hero hut, and costumize the purple girl’s purple tank top.

5. get the gothic cheerleader’s purple skirt.

6. get the fairy queen pink lips or any other pink lips.

7. go to red dragon island, and costumize the blond girl’s black belt.

I am going to do a story with some adventures called Fierce Star’s Fantastic Fairy Adventures. They will be also seen on www.purepoptropica.wordpress.com (Smart Crown’s Blog/Poptropica Stuff).



Posted on January 17, 2012, in Outfits. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. you should search up a character called beskelly3 .she has finished 12 island .you should give special outfits for her . that’s me .

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