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My Shy Fire Miamagic episode ends at a picture ,but I made much more, so of it looks small comment. Thanks in advance. Buh bye!


Shy Fire/Miamagic16 Ep.2

When SF woke up she was in a dark prison cell, bars above her and next to her. When she looked up she saw her backpack hanging over her on top of the bars.

 “Well, well, well, look what our little hero got into now”, Cackled a voice. Shy Fire looked through the bars and saw Director D with a sinister smirk on his face. Shy Fire looked at her backpack dangling above her and thought “If I could get my backpack then I could use my laser pen”. She hopped up and yanked a strap of her backpack. Two sets of pom-poms tumbled out and landed in her hands. Great, she thought, pom-poms. Realy.  She decided to whack Director D with the pom-poms.  _More updating Soon!!!


 My new series Shy Fire/ Miamagic16 is about a poptropican that is portalled into Club Penguin. Here are some of Shy Fire’s outfits.

Left to right: school outfit for odd days, school outfit for even days, birthday outfit for school, birthday outfit for home, annual concert outfit,favorite outfit, gym outfit. New episode today or tomarrow if goes as planned. Bye!

Shy Fire/Miamagic16

 “Mom! I am going to Spy Island!” Yelled Shy Fire. She ran out of the house and raced past the mini van, and to the family blimp.

A minute after arriving at Spy island someone gagged her mouth with black cloth.

“Let me go!” Shy Fire screamed, muffled by the cloth. In response she got binded and knocked out. When she woke up she was in a tiny room.

To be continued

Black&Blue, But No Bruise

  Hi! I have an outfit to share. So it will be free for members and 75 credits not including the optional costume. So first get the popstar and then the mythology outfit(optional). Here it goes!

    1. Get the blue popstar hat and the popstar bangs.
    2. Get the mythology surfer hair (optional) in Poseidon mode (trident icon), or any other hair. Some thing that has like a blue headband looks good.
    3. Get a blue necktie from a random poptropican on Early Poptropica.
    4. Get the black popstar shirt.
    5. Get the black belt on the girl with the dog on Red Dragon main street.
    6. Get the skirt on the worker at Bobo”s clown store on Counterfeit island.

      I hope you like it!

Purple Huntress Of Artemis Costume


Purple, one of my favorite colors.


1. Go to Mythology Island, go inside the Hero Hut, and costumize the purple girl’s purple tank top, purple skirt, bangs with yellow tiara, and purple lips.

2. Get the biker girl hair.

3. Get the Star Necklace from the goth/black girl on Astro Knights Island.

4. Get the robin hood’s bow with arrow, belt with knife, and backpack with arrows.


Popular School Girl Outfit


I’ve always wanted to post this outfit but I keep forgetting to. Now I got my chance! I hope you like the outfit.


1. Complete Shrink Ray Island and get CJ’s green vest. (You can get it from a random poptropican too).

2. Go to Reality TV Island and costumize the black guy’s bangs.

3. Get a tank top from Mythology Island (Colors: blue, purple, and green).

4. Costumize the Gamer Girl’s hair or get the shorter version from the black girl on Cryptids Island.

5. Find the black n white polka dot belt and costumize it.

6. Find the purple backpack and costumize it.

7. Get the pop star lips (Normal Cheerleader’s pink lips works too!).

8. Get the Pop Star white skirt with blue tights and bangs with earrings.

A hat can go to this outfit if you don’t want the black guy’s bangs.

Episode 1 of Fierce Star’s Fantastic Fairy Adventures is coming soon!


Demi-god Daughter Of Hades Costume


        This is a cool outfit.  A bit costly. Free for paid members. It cost *gulps* 375 credits. Sawwy. Well, one costume is optional so that makes it 300. Get the gothic cheerio (cheerleader), robin hood, rockstar 2, mythology surfer, and prom queen (optional).
       1. Get the gothic cheerio hair. Not the bangs.
       2. Get prom queen bangs (both), or thin double bangs with the bangs from the goth boy on Reality Island, OR, any other bangs that go with it.
       3. Get Charon’s( man in Hades palace who drives the boat at Mythology Island) green sash
       4. Get rockstar2’s purple and white shirt.
       5. Get the mythology surfer in Hades mode.
      6. Get robin hood’s bows and arrows.

Purple Biker Outfit


This outfit will cost 300 credits or 225 credits for non-members and 0 credits for members.


1. get the biker girl hat and jacket

2. get the purple bangs from a random poptropican.

3. get the gamer girl’s hair or get the shorter version of gamer girl’s hair from the black girl on Cryptids Island.

4. go to mythology island, go inside the hero hut, and costumize the purple girl’s purple tank top.

5. get the gothic cheerleader’s purple skirt.

6. get the fairy queen pink lips or any other pink lips.

7. go to red dragon island, and costumize the blond girl’s black belt.

I am going to do a story with some adventures called Fierce Star’s Fantastic Fairy Adventures. They will be also seen on (Smart Crown’s Blog/Poptropica Stuff).


Still Hiring…

We are still hiring so comment us your poptropican’s name, your e-mail address, a mini story (optional), and a outfit if you can, or at least a link to it.