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Joy Girls Episode 3

The person in black walked towards them. It was a tall man with a rottweiler. He had a little badge that said : Sneaky Laser EPA (ELITE POPTROPICAN AGENCY).

SL: Girls, you must come with me to the EPA, where you will be trained as agents. Phoebe, hand them their stuff. Get out of your disguise Emily.

Emily (Phoebe’s maid) got out of her disguise, while Phoebe gave the girls a spy phone.

GH: For when you are ready to be spies.

JG: Okay, we are ready.

Emily: Call me S for Scarlett my fake name.

?: They’re over there! Get those twins!

The girls felt the ground collapsing in a circle around themselves.

——————————To Be Continued——————————————


Phoebe and Poll

Gentle Phoebe Heart

This is Phoebe. I am going to change her outfit so comment a pink and purple outfit for her.

Joy Girls Poll

Joy Girls Episode 2

SF: Hmmm…. Stormi~! Oh,Stormi~!

Puppy(SP) walks up to SF.

SP: Arf!(Hi owner!)*looks around* *whimper*

SF: Stormi, hop in.*Opens up dog carrier* Shannon, pack some food, water,a tent,and clothes including two fancy dresses.Dog food too!

FB: Uhh…Okay. Why dresses?

SF: Just in case. *Packs first aid kit, wallet, food, lighter,water, and vinegar.

FB: Um…Vinegar? *Starts Packing*

SF: Weapon. *Counts Bags* Two backpacks, dog carrier, mini pack. Oh, and a flashlight.

*Walks out of house*

SF: Lets take Stormi to  Gentle Phoebe Heart’s house. Okay Miss Stunt?

FB: *Rolls eyes* Sure Miss Smarty Pants.

*Walks to Phoebe’s house*

SF:*Knocks* Hello~!

GH: Who is it?

FB: It is me and Shy Fire, Phoebe!

GH:*Opens door* Oh, were you attacked?

SF: How did you know?

GH: The Black Evil Knights attacked you. BEK probably captured them for money and their fun.

JG: Gasply gasp!

SF:Well… Can we leave Stormi here? I don’t think it is safe for him.

GH: Okay….  Now, uh… Go! Someone is coming!

—————– To Be Continued————————

The Joy Girls’ Current Outfit

PJsCurrent outfit

Episode 1 Of Shy Fire& Friendly Biker ( Also The Joy Girls)

SF: *Wakes up* *yawn* Wakey wakey Friendly Shannon Serena Biker!

FB: *Wakes up* Oh ha ha Shy Anastasia Fire!

SF: Hey! *makes weird face at FB*:P


——————————————A FEW MINUTES LATER———————————————-

NTM:Girls?Breakfast is ready!

SF+FB: Coming~~~~!

NTM: Okay!

*Both get changed in to normal outfits:jeans and favorite color T-shirt**walks slowly down stairs*

?:*BOOM!* Come on gang, we got ’em all. * ? and gang in black walk away*

Joy Girls: * Gasply gasp!*

SF: They got Mother!

FB:Want a cookie?     —– TO BE CONTINUED SOON—–